Minnesota’s Third-Party Contendors

The Minnesota Independent has published an article about potential third-party candidates for the 2010 election for the state’s governor. The Independence Party and Green Party are mentioned, as well as their potential candidates.

The Independence Party of Minnesota, the party of former governor Jesse Ventura, officially has major-party status in the state, and is third behind the Republican Party and Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. The Green Party formerly had major-party status.

You can read the whole article here.

18 thoughts on “Minnesota’s Third-Party Contendors

  1. d.eris

    In Maine, a number of Independents have already filed for the 2010 gubernatorial race, for which there are already 10+ candidates.

  2. Donald Raymond Lake

    Sad ’bout the Greens. Nationally and in California, their treatment of American icon Nader seems to indicate that, via 2004, 2008, they are begging for disenfranchisement!

  3. Dave Schwab

    Nader didn’t seek the Greens’ endorsement in 2004 or 2008. The Greens respected his decision and didn’t nominate him.

    While I’d like to see the MN Greens field a strong candidate for governor – at least to get in the debates and publicize the party – the fact that there isn’t one yet doesn’t mean the party is on the decline. There are currently 5 Greens running for city council in Minneapolis, and one incumbent running for park board. Also, St. Paul is holding a referendum on instant runoff voting, which seems likely to pass based on its success in Minneapolis.
    Pretty soon, the Greens will be in a position to contest city and state offices in the twin cities with the Democrats. That will give the party a real opportunity to build a power base.

  4. Michael Cavlan

    Mr Schwab

    About your comments on Nader sorry but……. I will say no more, seeing as how I have covered this area extensively.

    Now I am here, in Minnesota so I might just happen to know a few things, ya know?

    Ken Pentel leaving the GP IS kinda the death knell for the GP here in Minnesota. Kenny P is the most well known and recognized Green we have. Or in fact FORMER Green. The reason that he left (like so many others of us) is that a clique with in the GP attacked and smeared him, “accidently” deleted the membership files of the MN GP, hell a whole range of things.

    Ken Pentel will NOT run as a Green. Neither will I for that matter.

    In Minneapolis, although you would never know this from the GP Watch site, Cam Gordon faced an un-endorsement challenge (vote was 20-21 in support of un-endorsement) Cam Gordon had endorsed the Democrat mayor of Minneapolis and had organized an attempt to block the endorsement of other Greens running in the Minneapolis City Council race (even with IRV in place)

    Cam Gordon is facing NO DEMOCRATIC PARTY CHALLENGER in his race in the 2nd Ward of Minneapolis. Which has NEVER happened in Minneapolis history. A pure and lucky coincidence for Councilman Gordon.

    The St Paul GP has about 7 active members left. The St Paul GP will ATTACK any who attempt to run for office. Instead they have set up a “City Council Watch.”

    Here is the crux of the matter. An element of the GP seems bound and determined to oppose people running for office. It is and has been horrifying to watch. Now they are a minority but given that tyranny of the minority issue I have brought up before, they are able to block and impede folks. just like that story about the Republicans in some state senate (can’t remember which, was it New York?)

    THAT is why people like Ken Pentel, myself and countless others have left.

    IRV is here and it has been here precisely because of the former strength and organizing ability of the GP.

    David Schwab and all. Why don’t you ask your good buddy, David Strand (of the Lavendar caucus) about just how peachy keen things are in Minnesota.

    After all, he like you think that I am an idiot and a liar.

    Damn it all. We did try and warn you all.
    We really, really did.

    Oh well, back to organizing in Minnesota.

    With Ken Pentel annd others who are serious about building a real alternative to the pro-war, corporate corrupted two party system.

  5. Michael Cavlan

    AActually Mr Lake and All:

    It is strictly political. Folks will try and spin this as just some personal issue.

    It ain’t.

  6. Michael Cavlan

    You are right Mr Lake:

    You, our lovable Catholic Trotskyist and others just do not get it.

    That is OK though.


  7. Kevin Chavis

    Hola Greens!

    Just want to say that things are going well, albeit not perfect, here in Minnesota! We are looking to have seven candidates endorsed for municipal elections in Minneapolis this year. And City Council member Cam Gordon will be re-elected because his DFL opponent dropped out due to controversies not worth discussing here. Also check out Marcus Harcus in north Minneapolis! He’s door-knocking and using grassroots techniques other candidates should check out! And with IRV his chances of success are very good.

    I could go through each of our candidates here, but want to point out that the majority of our endorsements went to people of color. In a society that is clearly still racist, Greens can empower those whose voices are not heard and needs unmet. This is a historic first in Minneapolis and Minnesotan partisan politics.

    The Green Watchdog group Mike mentioned started by the Saint Paul Greens is a joint project with Minneapolis. Our current focus is the municipal election, and intend to do more with this project next year.

    The idea for the watchdog group is that activist journalism is dying. Who then is watching what local government is doing? Who can inform the public and at the same time provide them with tools to engage with their local representatives? The Greens see this as an opportunity to fill in a role greatly needed at the local level of politics. We also hope other Green locals pick up on this grassroots democracy oriented concept.

    Mike failed the mention why Ken Pentel left the party. In an email Ken Pentel stated that ten years was the average life-span of an American third-party. He felt the Greens had run through their effectiveness. He left to start another political organization, and not another party that I am aware of. We all wished him well, though disagree with his assessment.

    Our values are what sustain us and what differentiate us from other local partisans. We Greens have a lot of work to do with regards to electoral reform, nurturing nonviolent solutions, and eliminating barriers to equality for all. A few more on the city council and our vision can be furthered locally.

    Let’s work together to achieve this!



  8. Michael Cavlan


    how are you doing Sir? For the record, Kevin Chavis is one very good man and someone I admire and respect. The Greens are indeed running a number of fine candidates in Minneapolis.

    Jeanine Estime in Ward 8 (my ward) Markus Harkus in Ward 4, Dave Bicking in Ward 9, Aman Obsiye Ward 6 and Cam Gordon in Ward 2.

    I believe that all of these are in fact winnable right now. Given how these campaigns are, IRV and the mood of folks in Minneapolis.

    Kevin, I also know that you personally do not like any controversy. What you say about Ken Pentel is only partially correct. There are other HUGE factors as to why ken P is no longer a Green. The same goes for a whole host of people (including myself) that have left the GP.

    You are a good and decent man so I will leave it at that. However, when myself and others in Minnesota (and elsewhere) who have indeed left the GP are asked why (I feel very sure that we will be) do not expect myself or others to lie or not tell it the way we see it.

    You know me far better than that.

  9. Donald Raymond Lake

    Or folks like my self, former editor of the Reform Party USA national print house organ. I /we have tried to connect/ work with/ come together with state [California] and national greens —- and been neglected or rebuffed?

    [2005, abuse veterans issues, ‘working groups’]

  10. upstartgreen

    A the American Left! Too busy fighting each other over “How many angels can dance on the head of a pin.” to fight the real enemy.

  11. Marcus Harcus

    I am a non-partisan candidate who is Green endorsed. The Green values resonated with me and as an underdog candidate, I support the GP as a non-member.

    I refuse to become a member of any political Party because I don’t like the personality politics and ideolical stagnation that seems to prevail over the greater purposes of progressive electoral campaigns and public policy organizing. It seems to me that party activism tends to be disconnected from real issues or meaningful community activism and grassroots organizing. I love collaboration and sought the GP endorsement – without knowing enough about how y’all get down as an organized political party – because my friend Natalie Johnson-Lee was Green endorsed in the past, and because I’ve appreciated several Green candidates and/or elected officials this decade. I like Dave Bicking and Jeanine Estime’, even though I’m cool with Gary Schiff and Elizabeth Glidden. I wish there were as many active Greens in the Twin Cities willing to support local
    electoral candidates as there are those who get excited about coming out against someone or something.

    The controversy over Cam Gordon’s distorted endorsement of Mayor R.T. Rybak was ugly. I’m glad I wasn’t involved. I’m not a Johnny Northside fan, and while I can understand how some other Minneapolis candidates decided against seeking the GP endorsement this year when they learned he was a member, I’m glad I’m not involved in that Party business either.

    Many Greens have been supportive of my campaign, but as far as I can tell most of the local Greens listed as members are not active and therefore the local GP lacks the kind of organizational power to give their endorsed candidates enough support to win most elections.

    I still honor the Green endorsement because of party activists, I mean great people like Kevin Chavis, Amber Garlan, Tom Cleland, John Matheson, Dan Dittman, Lisa Boyd and others who’ve actively supported me and demonstrated party activism. I’ve met several former Greens who are great people too. Blah, blah, blah… I encourage all Greens and former Greens to stay true to the Green values, rise about the petty bickering and get involved in doing something that works.

    Green or not, please support my progressive campaign and/or expend your energy working FOR something rather than AGAINST other people on matters that are ultimately personal.



    peace & blessings


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