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Nader puts negative spotlight on Democrat Terry McAuliffe

Ralph Nader–who has run for President of the US under both the Green Party and independent banner in previous campaigns– has been commenting negatively about former DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe, including in a June 2nd appearance on Democracy Now! In addition, former Nader campaign staffer Theresa Amato’s book Grand Illusion:  The Myth of Voter Choice in a Two-Party Tyranny, describes the injustices of McAuliffe against the Nader presidential campaign. In Virginia, next week, there is a Democratic primary for Governor. According to two polls this week, McAuliffe has now lost the lead.

Reported on June 5th:

VIRGINIA. Two new independent polls on next week’s Democratic primary for Governor.
SUFFOLK UNIV: State Sen. Creigh Deeds – 29%, former DNC Chairman Terry McAuliffe – 26%, former State Delegate Brian Moran – 23%.
RESEARCH 2000: Deeds – 30%, Moran – 27%, McAuliffe – 26%.

from the Politics1 report on the same race, May 26, 2009:

VIRGINIA. …Three new independent polls also show former Democratic National Chairman Terry McAuliffe leading his gubernatorial primary opponents by comfortable margins of 9-14 points.


  1. End Fed End Fed June 9, 2009

    Ralph Nader is awesome. A true patriot always serving the best interest of the American People/Consumers.

    By the way, Trotskydude, McAuliffe was trying to bribe Nader. You need to get your facts right. McAuliffe is a criminal like his real friends, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and George W.

  2. Ross Levin Ross Levin June 7, 2009

    Michael – no, it doesn’t seem that way, although I like to think it is just because of the irony. And if nothing else, it’s annoying McAuliffe and diverting the attention of some of his campaign. This bastard deserves to go down for the undemocratic stuff he did.

  3. Sean Scallon Sean Scallon June 7, 2009

    McAuliffe is sleazebag and I hope he gets what’s coming to him on Tuesday. In fact I would urge non-major party voters to vote in the Democratic Primary from Craig Deeds just see the Clinton-lackey go down.

  4. Michael Michael June 5, 2009

    Correlation is not causation. Is there anything that suggests that Nader’s comments are substantively contributing to the decline?

  5. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist June 5, 2009

    I hope that McAuliffe loses too, but actually because of his secret friendship with Ralph Nader, which I have been revealed by secret insider sources that I cannot divulge at this time. Why do you think Nader is so obsessive about McAuliffe? Because they are actually friends; McAuliffe agreed to sabotage the Democratic Patry in return for being a high official in the Naderite/Republican New World Order control conspiracy, in which Nader sabotaged his own ballot access to hide the fact that his purpose is to get Bush in office. Don’t believe me? Pray to God and he will speak to you on the secrets of Catholic Trotskyism and you will find out, amen.
    Stop fascist/stalinist pig piggy criminal Nader/McAuliffe/Palin zoinist conspiracy, amen.

  6. Third Party Revolution Third Party Revolution June 5, 2009

    Let’s hope that McAuliffe loses the nomination in revenge for what he did to Nader.

  7. Ross Levin Ross Levin June 5, 2009

    Great. McAuliffe will hopefully get what’s coming to him.

    Interesting fact – McAuliffe has raised about $1 million more than the next top fundraiser in the Democratic primary, but he has about a dozen less donors than the next top fundraiser.

  8. Michael Cavlan Michael Cavlan June 5, 2009

    Good man Ralphie.

    Good man.

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