On June 9th, 4 out of 5 Green candidates won

Full story at: www.onthewilderside.com

For the past few weeks, the national Green Party web-site featured five Green Party candidates running on June 9th for local office in Maine and Massachusetts. Below are the election results:

Elected were: Anna Trevorrow for Portland Charter Commission in Maine; Ben Chipman for Portland Charter Commission in Maine; and Joyce Palmer-Fortune for Wheatley Select Board in Franklin County, Massachusetts.

Re-elected was: Nat Fortune for Wheatley Elementary School Committee in Franklin County, Massachusetts.


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7 thoughts on “On June 9th, 4 out of 5 Green candidates won

  1. Robert Milnes

    Consistently in the USA the higher government level the exponentially higher the odds against election of Greens & Libertarians. Let’s not delude ourselves here. I believe that if the Progressive Party/Teddy Roosevelt had succeeded there would be no GP or LP.

  2. Michael Cavlan

    It is my understanding that 4 of these 5 had no opposition what so ever.

    is this true? If so, can it be claimed as a victory at all?

  3. VAGreen

    Good to see Greens running for office and winning. The more local offices that we can win, the better.

  4. Dave Schwab

    All 3 Maine candidates were in contested races. I can’t speak to the MA candidates.

  5. Donald Raymond Lake

    Checked the GPUS site yet again.

    Hey ye of ‘Room Temperature IQ’
    pull the standard local news
    put page after page of crowd photos from
    Iran, specializing in green flags and banners.

    No commentary, no editorials. Let the photo graphs speak for them selves. [Duh!]

    If the official or unofficial green sites do not do this, then like so many other alternate groups, they are just not smart enuf to progress ……….

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