Libertarian Party of Indiana Calls for an End to Partisan Redistricting

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Libertarian Party of Indiana Calls for an End to Partisan Redistricting; Urges Public to Attend Upcoming Seminar to Get Informed and Join Forces with Reform Coalition

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — Today in Indianapolis the Libertarian Party of Indiana reaffirmed its long-time support for changing the way that federal and state legislative districts are drawn. Redistricting reform has finally become a hot topic in Indiana recently, starting with Secretary of State Todd Rokita’s push

for a less partisan process and followed by Senate President Pro Tem David Long’s announcement that he will work for a set of redistricting criteria and the eventual creation of a non-partisan redistricting commission.

Libertarian Party of Indiana Executive Director Chris Spangle said, “For too long Republicans and Democrats in the Indiana General Assembly have colluded together every ten years when they re-draw the political maps. They put political interest over the public interest and draw districts that preserve their partisan power while denying voters any real choice on Election Day. It’s time to end this blatant conflict of interest and turn the map-drawing duties over to an independent commission with a clear set of criteria that protects the public interest.”

Spangle continued, “We also want to encourage our supporters, and the public in general to attend an upcoming seminar that will focus on redistricting reform. Redistricting 2011: A New Day for Democracy or Politics as Usual?

will feature a panel of experts discussing how and why the Indiana General Assembly should reform the redistricting process. It will be held on Dec 18 from 11:30 – 1:15 at the Indiana State House. For more information contact Common Cause/Indiana at 317-925-5780.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana candidates for Secretary of State called for redistricting reform in both 2002 and 2006.

For more information contact Executive Director Chris Spangle at 317-975-5558 or

About Libertarian Party
The Libertarian Party is America, and Indiana’s, third largest political party, founded in 1971 as an alternative to the two main political parties. Its vision is for a world in which all individuals can freely exercise the natural right of sole dominion over their own lives, liberty and property by building a political party that elects Libertarians to public office, and moving public policy in a libertarian direction.

The Libertarian Party of Indiana was formed in 1974, and has maintained ballot access since 1994. Sam Goldstein, an Indianapolis resident, currently serves as Chairman.

For more information on the Libertarian Party of Indiana visit:

Libertarian Party of Indiana
Sam Goldstein, Chairman

5 thoughts on “Libertarian Party of Indiana Calls for an End to Partisan Redistricting

  1. Mik Robertson

    That is a very reasonable position to take and a very reasonable request to make. It is always amazing to me how often when I talk to state legislators about the issue they don’t seem to see any problem with partisan redistricting. Some actually do see the problem, but it is not a big priority for them to address it.

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  3. Gene Berkman

    In California after the 1990 census the Governor and the Legislature were not able to agree on a redistricting plan. As a result, the districts were drawn up by a non-partisan commision, which drew up geographically reasonable districts.

    During that period, California had more competitive elections – and more input from alternative parties – than it had before that decade, or since 2001.

    Best of luck to the Indiana LP on this campaign.

  4. Don Lake .......... Prove Me Wrong

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    [Documentation Please, as there have been election cycles since where the Democan – Republicrat exchange [change out] has been ZERO! Duh! The West Coast is know as one of the worst areas of democratic representation and electoral fairness. Comments from (Saint) Richard Winger ?????????]

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