Independent Libertarian Joe Kennedy invited to at least some of the debates in Massachusetts special US Senate election

From an email sent to campaign supporters:

Since the last news letter we have gotten on the ballot, been interviewed by the Globe, the Herald, Greater Boston (WGBH), Eternal Vigilance, a number of Blogs including the Kennedy Seat, Media Nation and the Examiner. We have even had national coverage from USA Today. We have revamped the web site, obtained signs and gotten invited to some of the debates. Joe has taken an unpaid leave of absence from his job and put out a challenge to the other candidates to do the same. Lastly we have more volunteers and a new coordinator: Susan Gilison. Right now, more than anything we need people who can self organize in pockets around the state (and the country for donations) to spread the message and GET JOE ELECTED. Sue will assist in coordinating these efforts. Specifically we are looking for the following right NOW:

* Coordinators: We need people who have the ability to organize other people in tasks such as fund raising, sign distribution, calling talk radio, sign holding, find and organize meet and greet events etc. If you are able to coordinate people for any of these task we would like to put you right on the campaign committee and have you help in these critical organizational tasks.

* Sign distributors: We have a few hundred signs which need to be put up throughout the state in very visible, high traffic locations and stores. We need people who are able to find locations /obtain permission for the signs placement, come and get the signs from campaign headquarters at 20 Hyde Park Street in Dedham, MA and deliver/put up signs.

* Contributions and fundraisers: We have only raised a few thousand dollars and the campaign needs to increase it funds. We need people who can make phone calls or write letters/emails to people asking for donations. The collection mechanism is already in place on the web site. We just need the energy behind it.

* Literature distributors: We need people to hand out information about Mr. Kennedy in high traffic areas (Train Stations, Shopping centers). Mr. Kennedy’s website, has a printable sign which we encourage you to download, print, and post in your car window or storefront, as well as other print material that can be printed from the web site and passed out.

Please tell Susan what you would be willing/able to do and she will help you help us.

Susan can be reached by email at

Committee to Elect Joe Kennedy

And Wayne Woodlief writes in the Boston Herald:

WBZ-TV (Channel 4) will pre-record the campaign’s first debate with all three candidates Tuesday (live streaming on its Web site), to air at 7 a.m. Dec. 27 on WBZ and at 7 p.m. on WSBK-TV on Dec. 28.

The League of Women Voters has it right, too, inviting all three candidates to a debate Jan. 13 at Faneuil Hall. As Kennedy said, the LWV told him, “If you’re on the ballot, you’re on the stage.” Brown and Kennedy have accepted – though Brown also seeks two-way showdowns. Surely Coakley will find a place for the LWV debate. After all, she has said, “It shouldn’t be two people in some debates, three in other debates.”

11 thoughts on “Independent Libertarian Joe Kennedy invited to at least some of the debates in Massachusetts special US Senate election

  1. The Inquirer

    It’s the luck of the (adopted) Irish.

    (Joe’s actually Portuguese and Puerto Rican by birth).

  2. Robert Milnes

    All this sounds good. But reality check people. This is liberal democrat Ted Kennedy’s state & Senate seat held by him & JFK for decades. The democrats probably figure the election of the democrat is a lock & it almost certainly is.
    Unless we try the PLAS Experiment.
    Should I even bother to try to contact Susan Gillison?

  3. Robert Milnes

    No?…Hey paulie, isn’t that Ron Paul’s nickname-Dr. No? No, I’m not giving refunds on the 35 million. No, I’m not going to campaign for Joe Kennedy. No. I’m not going to the Emergency anti-war Rally in Washington-right near my office. No. I’m not a dinosaur fossil. I’m a Republican & proud of it! No, I’m not planning to milk the schmucks for 35 million again in 2012. THAT Ron Paul? hey, paulie!

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  5. Adrian

    This is liberal democrat Ted Kennedy’s state & Senate seat held by him & JFK for decades.

    True, but if nothing else, it will give the socialists in MA something to think about.

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