Libertarian Joe Kennedy: Democrats and Republicans are Two Sides of the Same Coin

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The Boston Herald reports on recent appearances by independent libertarian candidate for US Senate in Massachusetts, Joe Kennedy, and highlights his campaign to be included in upcoming debates:

The long-shot candidate at the center of a Senate campaign spat yesterday dismissed the Democratic and Republican parties as “two sides of the same coin,” saying both had failed to address the two most pressing issues of the campaign.

Libertarian Joseph L. Kennedy’s remarks came as a spokesman for front-runner Martha Coakley, who won the Democratic nomination last Tuesday, welcomed his participation in upcoming debates – a proposal given a chilly reception by her Republican rival.

Kennedy, who is unrelated to the storied political clan, said the most important issues in the campaign were jobs and the economy . . .

“I’m not here to hide,” Kennedy said in an interview at a “Boston Tea Party” forum at Faneuil Hall, an event that drew about 100 spectators and focused on proposals to abolish the Federal Reserve and establish state militias and a new monetary system.

“I’m here because I have beliefs,” Kennedy said, maintaining that he should be included in debates between Coakley and state Sen. Scott Brown. Several organizations are planning debates, but have not yet invited Kennedy.

Meanwhile, LP blog picks up the story that Democratic candidate Martha Coakley wants Libertarian Joe Kennedy in debates:

Martha Coakley, the Massachusetts Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator, has indicated that she favors, and may insist on, including Libertarian Joe Kennedy in candidate debates.

Kennedy will officially appear as an independent on the ballot. He is not related to the late Senator Edward Kennedy. The special election will be held on January 19, 2010.

The Boston Globe recently reported on Coakley’s statements.

Visit Joe Kennedy’s campaign website.

The story has also previously been covered here at IPR, Boston Herald/Associated Press, and New England Cable Network, among others.

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