4 thoughts on “Libertarian Party blog: 2008 LP nominee Bob Barr defends Constitution, clashes with Bill O’Reilly

  1. Nate

    The heading on the clip doesn’t really say much, as Bill O’Reilly gets irritated with his own shadow if noone else is around.

    Frankly, the man scares me. Especially frightening is how well he is received by many Americans.

  2. Ralph

    What did I fight for in WW II, if it wasn’t against torture and holding (and eventually execution) without trial of so called “enemy combatants” such as Jews by the Nazi’s and anyone in their way by the Tojo regime?

    O’Reilly is a punk from the 50’s generation raised in anti-civil liberties propaganda from extremists who stayed home and wanted to show how brave they were. They made us returning soldiers sick.

  3. Thane Eichenauer

    Go Bob! This segment really goes to show you how shallow debate on the torture issue is. O’Reilly should really just man up and admit he is pro-torture and that (in his opinion) torture is A-OK.

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