Update on Roy Srp

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Srp Website is up. Check it out!

by Laura Kundsen

Mayor Roy Srp’s Senate District 26 special election website is up and running. The election is just four weeks away on January 26th. WIth your support, this is the start of a ground breaking year for the Independence Party.


Pawlenty: Waseca under Srp leadership demonstrates responsibile tax policy!

by Peter Tharaldson

Governor Tim Pawlenty credited the leadership of Mayor Roy Srp of Waseca for cutting property taxes and spending in Waseca. In talking about good leadership, Pawlenty said, “Waseca for example, the Mayor and council down there are reducing property taxes and spending”. The Mayor has steered this policy with his dedication to responsible governance.

Lesson: Mayor Srp doesn’t just talk fiscal resonsibility: he does it!

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