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Rasmussen poll in Illinois excludes Rich Whitney, but third parties still poll well

Even though Green Party candidate for governor Rich Whitney got over 10 percent of the vote in the 2006 gubernatorial race, for some reason Rasmussen has left him – and other third party candidates – out of a recently released poll.  Still, without any third party candidate mentioned by name, the “other” category was chosen by six percent of voters.  Neither major party candidate had an outright majority.  Rasmussen has repeatedly done the same thing in the Massachusetts gubernatorial race, as well, leaving Green-Rainbow Party candidate Jill Stein out of their polls.


  1. d.eris d.eris March 14, 2010

    This fits right in with the discussion going on at GPW and Green Change on the media blackout of Green candidates in particular and third party, independent candidates in general. In that article, Dave Schwab suggests email/letter campaigns to pressure news organizations to cover Greens. Why not polling organizations too?

  2. d.eris d.eris March 14, 2010

    Arguably, pressuring polling organizations might prove doubly effective, because if they polled specific third and indy candidates by name, then the media would be more likely to cover those candidates just because of the polls, no?

  3. Like Libs, greens are not widely known to ‘play well with others’ ……… and seem to WANT to go it alone!

    ……….. and then the defendant killed both parents. He then threw his case on the mercy of the court. After all, he was now an orphan!

  4. Green Party fan Green Party fan March 14, 2010

    Rasmussen has for years left the Green Party candidates off their polls…just standard operating procedure for the pay to play, bought and paid for MEDIA blackout of the Green Party.

    The great news here….the Green Party and it’s candidates…(Join Green Party today and get on the ballot as Green Party candidate)…The Green Party keeps charging…

  5. Austin Austin March 14, 2010

    Simple solution to this. If you’re sure your candidate will poll at least a few percentage points, use an independent “think tank” to commission a polling firm to do a poll including your candidate. It can be done relatively cheaply and once one or two polls include your candidate and show a base level of support… the rest will probably begin following.

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