Jake Towne: Speech at LiberTEA Party

Jake Towne is an Independent candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania. Posted at LibertyMaven:

Below is a video of an April 10th talk I gave that appeared on Pennsylvania Cable Network (PCN) and was broadcast on TV statewide. Luzerne County Campaign for Liberty sponsored this Challengers Town Hall event and I remain highly appreciative for the opportunity to moderate the event. Earlier the same day I spoke at a nearby Liber-TEA Party, and the text of this speech can be found below. My personal thanks to Michael Harrison and Wayne Risch for their invitations to speak at these events respectively.

In the video, there was one mistake in that I mentioned we must repeal cap and trade energy tax – which has not passed the Senate yet – although certainly already-existing energy taxes on natural gas and gasoline serve much the same purpose. I spent the time I was given on just highlighting SOME of the “Our Open Office” concepts revolutionary-yet-simple ideas and my common sense approach on how to address rampant federal spending, which is much the same as the below speech text. Ideas are more powerful than armies.

That Freedom Shall Not Perish.

Jake Towne

April 19, 2010

Speech to LiberTEA Party, April 10, 2010

Following the Mortgage Bailout to nationalize the housing industry and the Banker Bailout to provide corporate welfare to failed banking, automobile, insurance, and investment firms, I recognized this tyranny by the federal government would never end unless someone stood up to it, so I packed my bags and returned home from China to run for office.

Our founders clearly realized that all power stems from the PEOPLE, from US, and all officers of government are NOT masters, but SERVANTS. Sheriff Richard Mack recently told me that the only difference between plantation slaves of the 1800s and today’s federal government is that the plantation owners had to buy the chains, while today’s government uses our own tax dollars to build the chains for us.

The government today seeks to control the entire national economy, what the states can and can’t do with their land and natural resources.

The two-headed, one-party system that controls the federal government is repeating like a bad record – “MORE spending, MORE taxes, MORE war, MORE debt.” If you flip the record, all you hear is “LESS liberty, FEWER jobs, LESS prosperity.”

Americans are not faced with many good choices between the Republicans or Democrats. It is more like the Arsenic Party versus the Cyanide Party. Each party tries to convince you that their Arsenic tastes great, but the other party’s cyanide will kill you.

Make no mistake, America is on a hazardous course. While the Democrats are piloting the Titantic at present, we must remember it was the Big Government Republicans who nearly doubled the size of government from 2000 until 2008 who are not blameless, and appear incapable of offering solutions.

Well, I have good news, the truth is the path to prosperity and liberty is simple. We need to return to what America does best.

First, America needs to restore individual liberties guaranteed under the rule of law per the Constitution. We must all understand that the Constitution was written under the principle of “positive grant.” What “positive grant” means is that the government can ONLY exercise the powers which are specifically granted to it and nothing more. The Constitution is not the AUTHORITY over our lives, it is simply the LAW meant to CONSTRAIN the actions of government.

Look at the recent healthcare takeover. There is NOTHING – there is NOTHING – in the Constitution that gives Congress this power. Congress has no AUTHORITY over the people’s healthcare in the first place.

Second, America needs balanced budgets with a sound currency to impose discipline on government. As an engineer, there are easy steps to solving any problem. First you contain it, then you find out the root cause and then take corrective actions.

To contain the problem, we must first stop all new taxation and all new spending. This means no healthcare tax, no cap and trade energy tax, and no inflation tax by the money-printing of the Federal Reserve. It is not possible to print our way to prosperity!!!

The Federal Reserve is a quasi-private banking cartel that is also the money-printing arm of Congress that controls the supply of money and credit. While the American people were told that Congress passed an $800 Billion Banker Bailout, the truth is the FED spent over $2 Trillion in off-the-balance sheet transactions as shown by the Bloomberg Financial lawsuit.

Neither Congress nor the President has any idea how these funds were spent, and that is why we must AUDIT the Federal Reserve, which has NEVER been done since its founding in 1913. America has never performed a TRUE audit of our national gold reserves since Eisenhower.

However, today’s dollar is unbacked by ANYTHING. The FED is a parasite on society, it sucks wealth from those who work for it and feeds it to the dogs of war, to wasteful federal spending and to the international banking cartel. The FED is a BLIGHT on ALL humanity, and the struggle to abolish the FED is one that is just beginning. The simple goal should be to return the Money Power to the People, where it belongs.

To contain the problem, there must be no new “stimulus” plans or expansion of any federal program of any kind. Our economic mess is due to the excessive spending and the doubling of the size of government over the past decade. We cannot cure the problems of excessive spending by yet more spending!! We must remember these three words – GOVERNMENT HAS NOTHING. It is not possible for the government to give charity to someone without plundering it from someone else.

Now, how can voters believe that any candidate will represent them by tightening the purse-strings on wasteful government spending if they fail to start with themselves? This is why I will not accept the congressional salary of $174,000 but only the median household income of the district and I will donate the remainder to local non-profit hospitals. Last week Congress approved a nearly $1 billion healthcare tax, but of course they are not subject to the plan themselves. I will not enlist in the congressional healthcare plan and I will not enlist in the congressional pension plan which pays out up to 80% of their salaries for the rest of their lives.

Lastly, we must cut both spending AND taxes. We need to remove all wasteful federal departments like the $100 billion Department of Education, we already have 50 state departments of education!

We must drastically cut military spending, America spends over $1 trillion dollars on our military – more than the rest of the world COMBINED – but yet we do NOT have a strong national defense of our own borders, we have not avoided undeclared and unconstitutional wars, we have over 750 military bases on the foreign soil of 150 of the world’s 194 countries, including 10,000 troops in Italy and 55,000 in Germany while we continue expensive nation-building missions and patrolling borders of foreign lands.

We must support our troops by returning them home from Iraq and Afghanistan as quickly as possible. The suicide terrorists that caused 9/11 will best be pursued by small groups seeking bounties under constitutional letters of marque and reprisal, not by conventional armies, an expensive strategy that has wasted hundreds of billions and has not worked for most of a decade!!

[Addressing the threat of suicide terrorism by the use of occupational, conventional armies has been completely ineffective and extremely costly. To defeat suicide terrorists, one must capture the current generation and prevent the next generation from being created from collateral damage and blowback. Our armies in Iraq and Afghanistan are creating more future terrorists and aggression against our country. I favor the use of constitutional letters of marque and reprisal to address the threat by small bands by granting special warrants and bounties for marked terrorists to be brought to justice. This would be extremely cost-effective – or we can choose to let the “War on Terror” grind on for another 9 years — what we are doing is NOT working. – added to flesh out this idea]

To cut taxes, the best tax to abolish is the federal income tax – it is not only IMMORAL that the government has the first claim on the labor of each individual American, but fiscally this tax is UNNECESSARY. There is no better stimulus to work than to remove the government interventions that keep people from working and employers from hiring in the first place.

Don’t let DC control your wallet, your life, or your freedom!!!

America needs a strong shift back to the America that our founding fathers and mothers had in mind. If we can shift these powers back closer to the People, from the federal governments to State, local, and individual sovereignty, the better off we all will be. The more local each issue becomes, the more voice, the more power each individual has, and the happier we will all be.

When I lived in communist China for 4 years, I had my eyes opened to what life without liberty is like. Freedom of speech and freedom of religion are heavily infringed. Freedom of the press and to own guns are non-existent. The vast majority of the Chinese people lived in abject poverty, and 2/3 of the country remain peasant farmers due to centralized economic planning.

My experience in China helped me realize how precious individual liberties really are. America, the land of Liberty, is the one proud exception to centuries upon centuries of tyranny. My heritage as an American is FREEDOM; my duty as an American is to fight to restore the freedoms destroyed by the government and to restore a constitutional Republic founded on the rule of law, not mob rule by the gang in Washington.

As Thomas Paine once wrote, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

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