Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow candidate for Governor of Massachusetts: How we can make every day Earth Day

Relayed by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch

From Jill Stein, Green candidate for Governor of Massachusetts:

40 years ago tomorrow, millions of people around the country took part in the first-ever Earth Day. The event was designed “to shake up the political establishment and force the environment onto the national agenda,” according to Gaylord Nelson, a US Senator from Wisconsin who was one of the driving forces behind it.

Despite 40 years of successful Earth days, our environment is at greater risk today than ever before. We face an increasingly threatened climate, unabated oil addiction, expansion of polluting coal and biomass plants, degradation of forests and fisheries, shrinking open space, ongoing toxic threats and senseless wars that are as harmful to the climate as they are to global security. On this Earth Day, let us make a new commitment to the vision of a whole and healthy planet – to a revitalized grassroots democracy, new leadership, and green economic transformation. Each of these are critical if we are to stop the ongoing destruction and achieve the healthy, just, secure green future we deserve.

That’s why we’re asking our supporters to redouble their effort to “shake up the political establishment” in 2010 by doing three things to help this campaign. We’re asking you to 1) donate money; 2) volunteer time; and 3) host an event with your friends and neighbors so that they can become part of the movement that will bring true green solutions to the Commonwealth.

For forty years, we have set aside one special day to recognize the importance of the environment to our survival. But imagine an administration on Beacon Hill that treated every day like Earth Day. That’s what’s within our reach this year, if we’re willing to make it happen. Please donate and volunteer your time today, and get in touch with us about coming to your city or town in the near future.


P.S. The campaign is looking for volunteers with web design or development experience. If you’re interested in becoming active in our web design team, please E-mail info@jillstein.org.


We have opened our campaign headquarters in Fields Corner, in
Dorchester, and invite all our supporters to join us for the
office-warming party!

Saturday, May 15th 3-7p
1558 Dorchester Ave

Boston, MA 02124
More details to follow, but expect fun, food, friends, & music. This is a community-building campaign, and we walk the walk!

Organizers Call-in THURSDAY!

We are convening a statewide group of campaign organizers each Thursday night to coordinate our outreach and compare notes on strategy across the commonwealth. Your voice is vital to this discussion – this is what democracy looks like! Please join us for the call if you would like to be involved:

Call in information for Thursday’s phone call for campaign volunteers:
Thursday, April 22 – EARTH DAY EDITION!!

Time 8:30-9:30 PM
Telephone Number 1-605-475-4333
Passcode: 248259#

Signature Collecting for Jill & Rick

Sunday 4/25/2010
Big Y Foods
650 Memorial Dr.
Chicopee, Ma

contact Rick Purcell at 413-374-5118

Stein Campaign HQ
Sunday, 4/25/2010
1558 Dorchester Ave., Dorchester

Jill in the News:

Governor candidate Jill Stein makes a house call in Easton

Stein: Casinos a bad bet for Massachusetts

To find out how your Representative voted on the bill to bring casinos and slot machines to Massachusetts, go to http://www.greenmassgroup.com/diary/166/the-casino-vote


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4 thoughts on “Jill Stein, Green-Rainbow candidate for Governor of Massachusetts: How we can make every day Earth Day

  1. Michael H. Wilson

    On this Earth Day the band of Libertarian Irregulars called for the repeal of ordinances, regulations and laws that restrict the operation and ownership of private urban transit in most cities across our nation.

    Ms. Anne R. Key, spokesperson for the group stated “Low income Americans are most likely to drive vehicles that are not up to the proper maintenance standards. We do not wish to penalize them with taxes nor do we wish for them to go without access to jobs, goods and services. We do wish to solve a pollution problem that some claim may have an impact on the earth’s climate. To that end we call for opening the transit market to competition.”

    Ms. Key then went on to point out that opening the market would more than the solve a problem for one group and noted that a report published by the National Academies Press has mentioned these groups are underserved when it comes to transit; “Almost half of those without an automobile are persons 65 years or older, and of these, 81% are women.”
    “…23% of full-time working mothers and almost 60% of part-time working mothers have non-traditional work hours. This reduces women’s ability to join carpools or find appropriately-scheduled transit options.”
    “…nearly 40% of central city African-American households were without access to an automobile, compared to fewer than one of out five white central city households.”

    Ms. Key then noted that opening the market would, “reduce consumption of fossil fuels resulting in cleaner air, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, slow the development of farm land, reduce city street congestion, save tax dollars and most importantly improve the lives of low income people while reducing the social problems associated with poverty. Frankly we believe that we can reduce urban air pollution by 30% or more in the next few years and help the poor at the same time while saving tax dollars”.

    “To paraphrase others; Markets are like parachutes. They work best when they are open.” said Ms. Key in finishing

    Then I awoke from my dream.

  2. a saving grace .......... Lake

    work on pollution, sure!

    climate change / global warming, the horses have left the barn and the train has left the station.

    Nothing that humans could do, including mass exit to a near by star, could heal this trend in this century!

  3. Oxymoron Party

    A “green rainbow” is an oxymoron. Is it green or multi-colored? It can’t be both.

    It’s like when Ford came out with the Mustang Viper. Was it a horse or a snake? Can’t be both.

  4. Vaughn

    The party formed as a merger of the Green Party of MA and the Rainbow Coalition Party. It’s Green dash Rainbow, not “Green Rainbow”.

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