Libertarian Cooper, Independent Narcisse to Speak to Iowa Taxpayer Group

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The Libertarian candidate for Iowa governor, Dr. Eric Cooper, has been confirmed as a speaker at Iowa Taxpayer’s Day, an annual event hosted by Iowans for Tax Relief on April 17. ( Dr. Cooper will participate in a candidate forum along with Republicans Terry Branstad, a former governor seeking to regain his old seat, State Rep. Rod Roberts, and former Lt. Governor nominee Bob Vander Plaats. Incumbent Governor Chet Culver (D) was invited but declined to participate.

Also participating will be independent candidate Jonathan Narcisse. Narcisse, as reported previously on IPR ( announced his candidacy in December, but left open the question of his party affiliation. He would later declare himself as a Democrat only to miss the March 19 deadline to file for a primary election. Narcisse then claimed he collected the required signatures but elected not to turn them in because his supporters wanted an independent voice in the general election.

It is particularly interesting for Iowans for Tax Relief to open their forum to Libertarian and independent candidates as the group is led by Ed Failor, Jr. a former John McCain operative who was instrumental in excluding Ron Paul from a 2007 candidates’ forum in Des Moines. Paul supporters will remember this as the event at which Paul’s supporters staged an impromptu rally that drew nearly 1,000 people to an adjacent room in the same convention center.

A Rasmussen poll conducted on March 17 shows Republican candidates leading in the general election with 6-8% favoring “Some other candidate.” I’m not aware of any poll that mentions either Dr. Cooper or Mr. Narcisse by name. ( To maintain ballot access in Iowa, a party’s candidate for governor or president must receive 2% of the general election vote.

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  1. Steve

    Sounds like Cooper was fairly well received by the crowd which numbered between 500-600 depending on who’s reporting.

    From a Republican blog: Cooper: “provided good content and delivered the most memorable speech.”

    The Des Moines Register gave him a few lines of coverage:

    Here is his full speech:

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