Libertarians to Tea Party: rediscover your roots!

Garry Reed writes in the Libertarian Examiner (notes for IPR: John Jay Myers is also running for LNC chair; there are also moves underway to organize new, separate Tea Party political parties in several states.):

News from the Liberterrain…

"We are trying to motivate Libertarians and anti-war Republicans who participate in the Tea Parties to show up with a message of less war and more freedom. We will never be a free country while we are tied to this debt." – John Jay Myers

April 15, 2009, Atlanta, Georgia (AP Photo/John Bazemore)

More Tax and Tea:

Recently, the Dallas Libertarian Examiner took a road trip down Memory Motorway to the bygone days of newly hatched state Libertarian Parties where its members, fresh from their activist eggshells and still sticky wet, tried to make a few feathers fly by staging tax protest rallies at US post offices across the land.

The article, complete with vintage yellowed photos from the 1970s era Minnesota Libertarian LP newspaper, headlined "Where’s the Libertarian Party tax protest?" complained that the Tea Parties have taken over the once traditionally perennial Libertarian Party tax protests of yore.

But that was then and this is now, and John Jay Myers, the Energizer Bunny of Dallas LP activism, apparently took the article as a personal challenge.

"The Republicans should not have free reign at these Tea Party events to distort their own irresponsibility," Myers told the Dallas Libertarian Examiner.

The Tea Party, Libertarians contend, has forgotten its anti-tax and anti-big government roots, and is being steered by Republican Party handlers back toward the Neocon fold. They’re forgetting that there’s little difference in the massive multibillion-dollar Bush Iraq war and surge and the multibillion-dollar Obama Afghanistan war and surge.

Reducing taxes and spending begins with ending America’s imperial wars and bringing our troops home.

As Myers puts it, "You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that a huge chunk of our budget is spent on Foreign Policy and DOD."

Libertarians need to participate in the tax day rallies to remind Tea Partiers that there’s no essential difference between left and right coercive government.

  John Jay Myers, Libertarian Party
  candidate for US Congress,
  Texas 32nd District. (photo
  courtesy Myers for Congress)

"The Democrats have apparently caught the war spending bug," Myers observes, "and though a majority of Americans want us to end these wars, and rightfully so, the money is just too good."By participating in the Tea Party tax day event, libertarians will be motivating fiscal conservatives, anti-war Republicans, Ron Paul supporters and free-market advocates with a message of less war and more freedom.

"It’s important to understand that we are not protesting the Tea Parties," Myers said, "we are supporting the Tea Parties desire for less spending. If they truly believe that, they will welcome us."

Demanding that the Tea Party return to its roots means Libertarians will rediscover theirs as well – their olde tyme yellowed photograph roots of yore.

Libertarians are urged sign up at Taxed Enough Already? END THE WARS!

6 thoughts on “Libertarians to Tea Party: rediscover your roots!

  1. LibertarianBlue

    One thing I have noticed with the TPs is the lack of mentioning foreign policy or supporting the status quo. When it comes to not mentioning it the common theme I read is that they want to focus on government reach and taxes, foreign policy and other issues can be debated later.

  2. Root Is a Tea Party Huckster

    foreign policy and other issues can be debated later.

    “Later” is often a code word for “never.”

    Root downplays the non-intervention theme at Tea Parties. Many pro-war book-buyers at these Tea Parties.

    Ron Paul, OTOH, is not afraid to keep repeating the antiwar theme wherever he speaks.

    Paul is a leader and an activist. Root is a self-promoter and sales huckster.

    Leaders and activists tell audiences what they need to hear.

    Self-promoters and sales hucksters tell audiences what they want to hear.

  3. Me toooooo ???????! .......... Lake

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