Missouri Green Senate candidate Midge Potts Ends Walk Across Missouri Due to Injury

On The Wilder Side:

Midge Potts, Progressive/Green Party Candidate for US Senate, who began walking from Missouri ‘s only nuclear power reactor in Callaway County on April 10th, announced on Monday that she had to end her trek early because of a pulled tendon she suffered during her attempt to reach the Honeywell nuke bomb parts factory in Kansas City. She had intended to conclude her walk on May 1st, the anniversary of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. The Springfield native pulled a tendon in her right leg on the 5th day, then decided to stop walking on Thursday evening because her injury was growing worse with each step. Her walk came to a conclusion about a third of the way to Kansas City , near the spot where I-70 crosses the Missouri River .

Midge Potts said:

I walked 65 miles in 6 days, and I talked to lots of folks in central Missouri about converting the $50 billion America spends annually on maintaining a nuclear weapons arsenal to retool factories for the production of green technologies. From my point of view, this walk was a success; not trying would have been the failure.

Potts is now at home recuperating. She said she plans to continue “walking for Senate” throughout her campaign to dramatize many of the issues listed on her website at electmidge.com.

Midge Potts, co-chair of the Progressive Party of Missouri, is the party’s candidate for U.S. Senator in 2010. She and other party members are circulating petitions to get Ms. Potts and other Progressive Party candidates on the Missouri ballot this year.

One thought on “Missouri Green Senate candidate Midge Potts Ends Walk Across Missouri Due to Injury

  1. NewFederalist

    A pity she was “muscled” out of her walk by a “nuked” tendon! Since it was in her right leg I sense a vast right wing (er… leg) conspiracy! 🙂

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