Newsmax: US Sen Joe Lieberman (CT) Likely Running for reelection in 2012 as an Independent

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Sen. Joe Lieberman tells Newsmax that he will probably seek re-election in 2012 and will likely run again as an independent.

Newsmax chief Washington correspondent Ronald Kessler asked the senator, who lost the Democratic primary in 2006 and was elected as an independent in the general election, if he could see himself running as a Republican.

“I’ve been a Democrat all my life. I got rejected by the Democratic Party in 2006 and went on as an independent, and thank God and the people of Connecticut, I got re-elected,” Lieberman responds.

“So I’m up again in 2012. I probably will run again. I’ve got to make that decision by the end of this year, I would say. You know, it’s possible. I haven’t decided what banner I would like to run under. Probably independent is the one that suits me best, because that’s what I am.

“In this very partisan time, it’s not my nature or my philosophy to just walk down one party road whether I think it’s right or not. I’m going to, like a lot of Americans, decide what makes the most sense on issue to issue and do what I think is right.

“So right now I’d probably be more inclined to run again as an independent. But anything is possible.”

IPR Note: Lieberman was actually elected in 2006 under the banner of the newly formed Connecticut for Lieberman Party after losing the Democratic Party primary for reelection. In an ironic twist, that new party has since been taken over by opponents of Sen. Lieberman. The Newsmax article does not make it clear whether Lieberman will try to take that party back over, create a new one, or run as a true independent (with no party affiliation).

15 thoughts on “Newsmax: US Sen Joe Lieberman (CT) Likely Running for reelection in 2012 as an Independent

  1. NewFederalist

    Somehow I just don’t see Lieberman as an independent anymore than Charlie Crist in Florida. I think we need a new term to describe insiders who have been given the boot by their own party. Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, deserves the label in my opinion. I guess “sore loser” is too negative.

  2. Paulie


    I share your concerns, which is why I don’t usually cover Lieberman very much.

    Still, it is an objective fact that he is not current elected as a Democrat or Republican, and plans to run again as a non-D/R.

    I thought this was worthy of discussion on IPR. I hope you’ll agree, and I don’t personally plan on making coverage of Lieberman a regular IPR feature in any case — although if any of the other writers here wish to do so (which I have not seen anyone say they would), I would personally think they are within the bounds of what we do.

  3. paulie Post author

    Another interesting fact: Just 8 years after Lieberman was the VP nominee of the Democratic Party, John McCain came very close to making him the VP candidate of the Republican Party. By some reports, the only reason that he did not was because he was afraid of losing a significant number of conservative votes to former Republican congressman Bob Barr, who was running as a Libertarian.

    McCain himself came very close to switching to the Democratic Party several years ago, and was in serious negotiations with the Democratic Party leadership in the Senate to do so. He was also the focus of independent candidacy/alternative party presidential run speculation in the past (2000, 2004).

    So, there are lots of alt-politics angles to this story/subject…..

  4. Vaughn

    I really hope Nader will run against Lieberman…since he probably isn’t going to run against Dodd. Lieberman would be an easier target anyway.

  5. maz hess

    Lieberman lives from the an astablishement which is fighting him. Obama never did him this favor. The obama white house has never fighted him or even has said a single bad word about him. So it leaves Lieberman with his own actions and words and they are making him not very good looking. Reelection? Are you daydreaming?

  6. Gavin Young

    Ralph Nader for US Senate 2012 – I love the sound of that! I never was impressed with Joe Lieberman. I was disappointed when Al Gore picked Joe Lieberman as his running mate and I was disappointed when Joe Lieberman said that overseas US military ballots which were dated after the 2000 general election date should be counted in the 2008 presidential election, I think that both of those decisions by themselves also cost Al Gore his election. Likewise I believe that despite those decisions, the Democrats made a number of other bad decisions which cost them the election. For example, Al Gore should never had lost his own state nor Bill Clinton’s state.

  7. Spin, spin, spin, spin .......... Lake

    Libertarian Party fascist // Apr 16, 2010:
    “Joe Lieberman should run as a Libertarian!”

    …….. On what planet ?????

    …….. I am grateful, he helped, after the
    ‘hold ya noses’ Clinton years, me to stay
    away from the Dems and GOP

    …….. when is Joemation going to run
    (and stay) in Jerusalem ????????

  8. paulie Post author

    On what planet ?

    On the same planet where Green Party Conservatives, Constitution Party Socialists, Libertarian Party fascists, etc, reside.


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