Reverend Billy’s busy week: Prophesizes mining disaster, gets arrested, welcomes child into world

Reverend Billy Talen is an activist and performance artist who ran for Mayor of New York City on the Green Party line in 2009. You can find updates on Reverend Billy’s actions at his main web-site: here. Here is what happened to Reverend Billy last week:

The Huffington Post reports that Reverend Billy has been doing a series of protests where he puts a “Holy Hex” on JP Morgan Chase banks, to bring attention to the banks’ support of mountain top removal in Appalachia. Reverend Billy and his Life After Shopping Gospel Choir members left “sacred dirt from Coal River Mountain, West Virginia” at various Chase branches around New York City. On Easter Sunday, April 4, 2010, Reverend Billy was arrested for refusing to remove the sacred dirt after one of these protests.

At the L Magazine, a headline notes: “Rev. Billy Arrested for Foretelling Mining Disaster”. L Magazine notes:

Two days after Billy’s arrest [Editor’s note – I think it was one day after], the largest mining disaster in decades struck—where else?—West Virginia, leaving at least 25 miners dead.

Massey Energy, the company that operated the mine where the explosion occurred, has been cited for over 1300 safety violations in the last five years.

Who has a close financial relationship with Massey Energy? JP Morgan Chase, of course!

Sounds like the wrong person was put in jail on Sunday.

Then, as is noted at TrueSlant, on April 6, 2010, “Rev. Billy and his gorgeous wife  Savitri, today welcomed Lena Nightstar Talen into the world.” Reverend Billy became a father at age 50.

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