Socialist Party USA statement regarding May Day 2010

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May Day 2010

Passed by the Socialist Party National Action Committee April 2010

Socialism – An Idea Whose Time Has Come!

“Ideas,” someone once wrote, “move rapidly when their time comes.” As we gather to celebrate May Day, the continuing capitalist crisis makes socialism an idea ready to move rapidly. While the banks have received trillion dollar bailouts, working people still face mass unemployment, state and local budget cuts and deepening personal debt. Capitalist crisis has made the socialist vision of a world where human needs are put ahead of individual profits even more relevant. Our task on May Day is to convert socialism from a good idea into a movement to transform our society.

Capitalism Exposed

The recent economic crisis was more than a banking crisis or a housing price bubble. It was a demonstration that there is a fundamental problem at the center of capitalism. That problem lies in the nature of corporations themselves. Noam Chomsky once described corporations as “unaccountable private tyrannies.” There is no democracy inside of a corporation and, as a result, there is no democracy on our worksites. Corporations are undemocratic entities created only to make profits from exploiting the labor of workers.

The undemocratic corporate model now also dominates American politics. A corrupting system of campaign donations and lobbying ensures that both Democrats and Republicans serve the interests of corporate America. When corporate profits declined, politicians began handing out trillions of dollars in public money to them. When these same corporations fired millions of workers, neither Democrat nor Republican attempted to stop them.

Socialist Solutions

Socialism offers an alternative to undemocratic profit-mad capitalism. By ensuring that people’s needs for housing, healthcare, education and employment are guaranteed, a socialist society will offer equality of opportunity. By bringing democracy to the economy through worker’s control of production, we will make sure that the place where most people spend their adult lives operates democratically. By organizing participatory budgeting, we will put people at the center of the system – fully empowered to make decisions concerning the future of the society they live in.

The powerful necessity of socialist ideas can be seen most clearly with the issue of immigration. The capitalist state presents restrictions and police actions as the proper way to keep immigrants in line. Conversely, socialists support the rights of all workers regardless of their status. We support the creation of an unconditional amnesty program and seek to build solidarity amongst workers throughout the world. Where capitalism offers ICE raids and the Border police, we support human freedom and social solidarity

May Day- Our Day

May Day is our day. A day when trade unionists, anarchists and socialists gather to state clearly that another world is possible. This other world is a democratic participatory one, where resources are shared for the betterment of humanity. However, democratic socialism will not come about spontaneously – we must get organized. So, today we invoke the names of Eugene Debs, of Caesar Chavez, of Dr. Martin Luther King to call on all working people to join the struggle for socialism. Move rapidly, act boldly, we have a world to win!

11 thoughts on “Socialist Party USA statement regarding May Day 2010

  1. Atlee Yarrow

    I have not read, seen, or found a plan to institute democracy in the workplace or what type of democracy will take place by SPUSA. Then there is the dichotomy of membership loss at SPUSA due to revolutionaries claiming to have taken the party, yet here there is err to reform on the issue of immigration with legal limits of a ballot accessible political party. A few years back it was about health-care and doctors but the party could not find even one doctor in its ranks to back a public SPUSA claim to universal health-care. If the SPUSA spend more time trying to work with people instead of fighting against the people socialism would move into the actual mainstream.

  2. Michael Cavlan RN


    I know a Doctor that I work with would be only too happy to do that. He is an open Socialist.

    Damned good Doctor too.

  3. Atlee Yarrow


    Are you saying there is at least one doctor in Detroit, MI, who is willing and able to put his name and face on the front page of all the socialist websites out there? Have this doctor contact me and send in the paperwork so we can check this doctor’s record for vetting purposes of any stories.

  4. Darius Engel

    Atlee Yarrow was expelled from the SPUSA for uncomradly behavior, an attempt to take dictatorial powers over the socialist party of Florida, and theft of party property. He is now an avid internet stalker, and keeps lists of all socialists he comes in contact with. Some say he has ties to the FBI.

  5. Darius Engel

    Lies of ATLEE YARROW of Jacksonville Florida, wife and 2 kids can be found on his site. More misspelled lies and half truths. ATLEE YARROW is a psychopath and dangerous. He has been stalking me AND my family for several years now. Atlee can’t face reality, and uses other on-line stalkers to help him, just see the video on His site. It was another internet stalker Yarrow has contact with. There is also Atlee’s close friend Tim Platt of Indiana, who threatened my mothers job for criticizing him. As you can see by his posts and site, ATLEE YARROW isn’t capable of anything. Well I can’t say that, he started over a dozen “political parties” on-line, each one different, each one with a different perspective. You see, ATLEE YARROW casts a wide net to trap anyone from liberals to socialists.

  6. Darius Engel

    I want to make it clear. Atlee Yarrow has spread my home address and cell phone numbers to people who are dangerous. Only on threat of legal action were they removed, but the damage had been done. SO, please try and find a place other then on open threads that I have spread Yarrows address or phone number.

  7. Matthew Jason Silverman

    Darius, did you know that Atlee Yarrow joined a white supremecist political organization called “the American Third Position Party,” and he’s planning to run for governor of your state?

  8. Atlee Yarrow

    @Matt, Being “White” is not associated automatically with “Supremacist” and is somehow the de facto wrongness of political correctness doublespeak and groupthink. You are however more then welcome to prove in a court of law the defacement claim you just posted for all the world to read which in and of itself is an act of “Hate” against European-Americans everywhere to attack their culture, heritage, freedom of speech, freedom of association, religion (Christianity), history, etc.

  9. Lake, presenting the Two Left Feet Award

    for half baked propaganda that leaves out more than they tell:

    “the event that gave rise to May Day observances the world over occurred right here in the United States: the bombing at Haymarket Square, Chicago, on May 4, 1886, during a labor rally.

    The context for the Haymarket riot in 1886 was the movement for the eight-hour work day …….”

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