Exclusive: Former Congressman Goode Joins the Constitution Party

Virgil Goode is a former U.S. Representative from Virginia who was defeated for re-election in 2008 by just a couple hundred votes. He has now officially joined the Constitution Party, increasing speculation that he might run for his old Congressional seat in 2010 or for President in 2012, though no sources have been able to confirm his interest in either race.

LANCASTER, PA: Virgil Goode, a 12 year Congressman from Virginia’s 5th district, attended the Constitution Party’s 2010 Spring National Committee meeting in Minneapolis where he was the keynote speaker at the Friday evening banquet.  Goode applauded the resolution passed unanimously by the Party’s National Committee expressing support for Arizona’s recently enacted legislation cracking down on illegal immigration.

“I hope that the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee follow the lead of the Constitution Party National Committee by adopting a resolution in strong support of the state of Arizona as they fight against the invasion by illegal aliens,” said Goode after the meeting. [The resolution will be linked at the end of the article]

Goode showed his solidarity with the Constitution Party by joining the party as a supporting member.

Jim Clymer, Constitution Party National Chairman welcomed Congressman Goode with this statement:

Congressman Goode has proven he has the mettle to stand true to the Constitution and the principles that serve as its foundation by withstanding the pressures of the establishment party bosses during his twelve years in Congress.  I am thrilled that he recognizes the superiority of the Constitution Party platform and has allied himself with us.  His understanding and wisdom, gained by his experience in the “belly of the beast,” will be a great asset to the party as we move forward in our effort to restore the liberties and rights secured by the Constitution. Rights and liberties which the leftists, the neo-cons and various other statists of the two major parties have taken from us.  I know I speak for all in the Constitution Party in giving Congressman Goode a hearty “Welcome aboard!”

Goode also purchased a Constitution Party banner during a silent-auction fundraiser. The illegal immigration resolution, passed by the Constitution Party National Committee, can be found here.

There have been several stories about Goode possibly running for his old Congressional seat, and polling has shown that if he ran as an Independent he would be in a statistical tie with the incumbent. Goode served in Congress from 1997 until 2009 and won election as a Democrat, an Independent, and a Republican.

IPR first reported that Goode might join the CP a mere four days after his defeat in November, 2008.

44 thoughts on “Exclusive: Former Congressman Goode Joins the Constitution Party

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    Sean–you should post this on the AmConMag blog or something. I need links and traffic damnit! =P

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    I highly suspect this is all a ploy to be able to use such ridiculous slogans, TPR.

    “Goode for America!”

  3. Chris Moore

    I’m in Goode’s district. I’ve met the man several times. I would be extremely surprised if he decided to run in 2010 for his old seat, considering his very public statements about that possibility.

    Senate? That is the rumor I have heard floating around, though as a Republican. I wouldn’t be too terribly surprised if he ran as an independent for the Senate, though.

  4. Peter

    I hope he runs for his old seat, wins, and then runs for President and wins.

  5. Vaughn

    There is a man named Chuck Keiper who is running for re-election as county commissioner. Every time I drive past one of his signs a wish it said “Keep Keiper”

  6. Trent Hill Post author


    Thus far I have heard from many people, none of whom can say 100% what Goode is going to do. One thing is for sure, he isn’t going to just go away. However, waiting til 2012 is a long time and name ID will be WAAAAY down, even in Virginia. Besides, he would poll less than 1-2%, even from the very start–and would ultimately score <500,000 votes. If he runs for Congress, he has a chance to actually win and be the first US House member to be a third party member since (Richard, help me out here, '56?).

    The truth is, he could decide to run as either a CPer or an Independent endorsed by the CP. In either case the result is the same--people will connect his name to the CP, which will hurt him slightly. But he'll have a national fundraising base that can funnel him several hundred thousand dollars (like they did to Jim Gilchrist in 2005).
    Frankly, I think Goode would be silly to pass up the 2010 race for the Presidential race.

  7. Trent Hill Post author

    “I assume he’s an Interventionist though, since he was an elected Republican after all.”

    He was, but I’ve been told he’s backed off his interventionism quite a bit.

  8. Trent Hill Post author

    Chris Moore,

    You should place a call to Goode, or add him on facebook, and encourage him to run for Congress as a CPer. Even those who don’t support his ideological views (I certainly don’t support most of what he says, especially about immigration, war, civil liberties, etc) would like to see him wage a vigorous campaign and possibly make third party history instead of wasting his time netting 250,000 votes for Pres.

  9. HumbleTravis

    Yes, this validates the rumor that has been going around for a while now. However there is something I’d like to ask Constitution Party members. Virgil Goode ran as being pro-war in the past. For example, his old campaign website still has the quote:

    We must keep America strong and free by supporting the war on terrorism.

    Goode signals a paleo audience on a lot of other issues like NAFTA & the UN. But the Constitution Party rejected Alan Keyes for his interventionist views on foreign policy. Yes, I know that he supported Ron Paul in the GOP Presidential primaries. So the question is: has Goode learned from the example of Representative Walter Jones, or does immigration trump foreign policy for the CP?

  10. Trent Hill Post author

    BTW: this article has been linked by the Washington Post (thanks to my friendship with Dave Weigel) and Politico today.

  11. HumbleTravis

    Wow, I feel like I must type slowly – Trent posted three messages in the time it took me to type mine!

  12. Trent Hill Post author

    “But the Constitution Party rejected Alan Keyes for his interventionist views on foreign policy. Yes, I know that he supported Ron Paul in the GOP Presidential primaries. So the question is: has Goode learned from the example of Representative Walter Jones, or does immigration trump foreign policy for the CP?”

    I think the Keyes debacle showed that foreign policy is their top issue, with only perhaps Abortion being more important. Immigration is third or so.
    I have talked to about 20 people over the last couple of days about this. The consensus is that he at least knows that the CP is antiwar and is willing to soften his rhetoric because of that. However, a few people–people who are in the know–have suggested Goode is backing off of his interventionism ala Walter Jones.

    Speaking of Jones, if you’ve never read the following article about him, you should. It’s the most interesting profile of a congressman i’ve ever read.

  13. Trent Hill Post author

    “Wow, I feel like I must type slowly – Trent posted three messages in the time it took me to type mine!”

    Im a professional writer and blogger. I type pretty quickly =P

  14. HumbleTravis

    Yes, that is a good profile. There was also a similar sympathetic article posted on the liberal AlterNet website a little while ago. Jones also tapes a show called “Washington Watch” where he interviews his colleagues on the Hill which is sometimes interesting too. For those that are interested, here is his interview with Ron Paul:


  15. Ross

    Trent, I believe the last third partisan (what else are they called?) in Congress was someone from the Roosevelt family in 1949 from New York. Although there have been several independents since then, including most recently Bernie Sanders, who is now in the Senate (with “independent Democrat” Joe Lieberman) and is very closely associated with the Vermont Progressives.

  16. Ross

    Someone on another website pointed out that Goode was elected as a Democrat to Congress, then an independent (I think he was elected as an independent), and then as a Republican. If there’s nothing else good about the man (in my eyes, at least), he’s very non partisan.

  17. Russell

    Factually INACCURATE. Goode only served in Congress beginning in 1996, NOT 1971. Prior to Congress, he served in the Virginia state legislature. He was only a Democrat in Congress between 1997 and 1999, I believe. Then he became an independent who conferenced with the GOP, before totally becoming a Republican.

  18. Gene Berkman

    Trent & Ross: it would seem that Franklin D Roosevelt Jr was the last successful candidate for Congress elected on a third party ticket – he had two lines as “Liberal” and “Four Freedoms” and was elected in a special election in 1949.

    Of course, everyone knew he was a Democrat.

    The last third party member elected on a third party ticket was Vito Marcantonion, American Labor Congressman from New York, last elected in 1948.

    In 1972, Republican Congressman John Schmitz joined the American Independent Party just before being nominated for President, but he served as a lame duck AIP Congressman.

  19. Fluffy Fess

    Goode was elected to congress in 1996 not 1971. And the poll mentioned that showed Goode supposedly defeating Perriello was taken in February. Goode is a racist so leaving the GOP is a shock. I pray to GOD he runs for Senate in 2012. He won’t get two feet.

  20. Trent Hill Post author

    I’ll correct the date.

    Thanks for the correction Ross and Gene–1949 not 1956.

  21. Trent Hill Post author


    I wouldn’t be so sure. Goode is well liked in the 5th District–though I know nothing of how well received he is outside of that district. I think running for Us Senate would be a bad move for him.

  22. Mattc

    I assume that he is still registered as GOP, even if he is a “contributing member” or whatever of the CP.

  23. Trent Hill Post author

    VA #5 and Mattc,

    There is no registration in Virginia for political parties. Goode simply said was still a dues paying member of the Franklin County GOP. However, he’s also now a dues paying member of the CP. So, it’s rather ambiguous as to which party he is actually a member of.

    In this sense you could say Goode is a Republican. Or you could say he is a member of the CP. Neither is wrong.

  24. Trent Hill Post author

    No where in either my article or the press release does it say he left the GOP–it merely says he joined the CP. In Virginia this is uniquely possible. My predictions about Goode running for Pres in 2012 as a CPer stand.

  25. Chris Moore

    It would be absolutely silly for Goode to run as an independent for CD5 in 2010, when he could step in right now and win the Republican primary in a few weeks. He’s on the record saying that he intends to support the eventual Republican nominee. He’s on record saying that he has no intention of running in 2010.

    I have heard rumors of a possible Senate run in 2010, but I can’t imagine why he wouldn’t run as a Republican, where he would have a decent shot at securing the nomination.

  26. Trent Hill Post author


    My sources say he isn’t considering the CD5 race either. Rather, he’s rumored to be considering a 2012 race for President with the CP instead. I have similarly heard about his rumored run for Senate–but it seems like a silly proposition, he’d have no guarantee of the Republican nomination. He isn’t that well known, or liked, outside of his district–and he isn’t a great fundraiser or anything, though he is a great campaigner.

  27. Green Party Conservative

    Interesting story. In Virginia the Independent Green Party and Constitutionalist have worked closely together for years.

    This Synergy could be big for the Green Party alos..

  28. Timothy Yung

    Well as far as being an interventionist is concerned I believe the party will welcome him as a candidate for a lower office like House of Representatives but not as presidential candidate which is the right position. From the Constitution Party members I talked to Alan Keyes would have been welcome to stay in the CP and supported for a lesser office if he had chosen that path. The CP has had close relationships with Tom Tancredo who has the same problem.

  29. Trent Hill


    If he spends the next….say….two years backing off of his interventionism, I suspect he’d get the nomination. Anyone who will repudiate their positions on the war will get further than Keyes–who hurt himself more everytime he opened his mouth.

  30. Just the tip of the ice berg .......... Lake

    38 responses so far ?

    1 Sean Scallon // May 4, 2010:
    “Big pick-up for the CP, arguably the biggest and best organized of the non-majors ……..”

    [Lake: oh come on! All but ‘Decline To State’ have suffered serious erosion, with GP and LP having the least retreat!]

    [CP is no longer ballot access in Texas and California. There is a third state which is disassociated and a hand full more in consideration. ]

    [California has never had an official state Constitution Party.]

    [A more appropriate image might be ‘the Toyota’ of third parties. Once of some repute, but now in great decline!]

  31. citizen1

    Keyes spent the whole time telling the Party they were wrong on foreign policy even if that was not the question.

  32. C James Madison

    If Goode runs with the CP, he should do so this year and in his district. Yes, he would be taking the chance of losing, but a party needs to be built with the local and state offices first. If he wins he could still run for the Executive Branch and will have had more experience going into the job than the current President did when he entered.

  33. Timothy Yung

    Trent, the question is is he backing from interventionism to get the CP nomination or did he really changed his mind.

  34. Trent Hill Post author


    There is really no way to determine that beyond speculation. People who like Goode will say it was genuine. People who don’t will say it was just a politically convenient move. Frankly, I’m not sure it will matter much to the CP. If they can get a former Congressman of some stature in the right-wing who at least professes to be non-interventionist, they’ll take him.

  35. Grab the barf bag ????????? .......... Lake

    Remember, it is only the California’s ‘Four Horse Men’ that are unhappy with Nightingale, Lussenheide, Breazeale, King, Cody, Grundmann ——NOT!

    ” Jeanfromfillmore

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    Default Quote:
    Originally Posted by Ayatollahgondola
    (View Post)

    “I think this falls into her propensity to con people. It appears that she tried to con the government employee, and was thwarted.

    She has always managed to place herself among groups of people in which there was a dispute or unresolved management or control issue and connive something out of it that benefits her.

    If nothing else, she’s been consistently a con.
    Yup, I agree. I saw her try to con her way into a Reps office while we were in DC and the Reps sec. called her on it.

    You should have seen the look on her face. She doesn’t know how to play in the big leagues. But brags she home schools and thinks that is soooo impressive. “

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