Nat Fortune, MA Green for auditor, profiled in Boston Globe

Posted by Dave Schwab at Green Party Watch:

The Boston Globe has an article entitled “The Battle for State Auditor” profiling this year’s candidates for Massachusetts State Auditor, including Nat Fortune of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party:

An especially interesting political profile in the auditor’s race belongs to Green-Rainbow Party candidate Nathanael Fortune. He’s a Smith College associate professor of physics who focuses on renewable energy. Fortune, also chairman of the Whately School Committee, jumped in after analyzing state and local contributions to education funding.

“I don’t see a way to continue having schools worth paying for if we don’t start being more efficient and fair in how we raise our funds,’’ Fortune said. “I’m really trying to make it possible to have better government services more affordably.’’

The Green-Rainbow Party website contains the following statement about Fortune’s campaign:

“Every tax dollar that is spent, every tax credit that is granted, every bond that is issued represents an investment of our Commonwealth. What kind of return are we getting for that investment? What about the jobs that disappear as soon as the tax breaks end? What about the costs to our communities of the state’s earmarks, mandates, special favors and giveaways to lobbyists and insiders? What about the funds that are spent exactly as the legislative leadership specifies on complete boondoggles? Who can you trust to audit those?As the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party — the state affiliate of the Green Party of the United States — candidate for auditor, I offer a level of independence from the parties running Beacon Hill and their contributors that no other candidate can promise.

This November, voters have a simple question to answer when choosing an auditor: who can we trust to follow the money, no matter where it leads?”

For more information about Nat’s candidacy, as well as ways to contribute to and volunteer for his campaign, please visit Nat Fortune for Auditor.

3 thoughts on “Nat Fortune, MA Green for auditor, profiled in Boston Globe

  1. Green Party Conservative

    Indeed. An excellent Green Party candidate.

    meanwhile, across the pond..

    Caroline Lucas MP writes alternative Queen’s Speech
    5/25/2010 5:39:08 PM

    The Green Party’s only member of parliament Caroline Lucas has created an alternative Queen’s Speech for Channel 4.

    In her official address at the opening of parliament the Queen outlined the development of an Energy and Green Economy Bill, which will be used to enhance the production of low-carbon energy and more efficient use of power.

    Ms Lucas also highlighted her desire for further investment in renewable energy sources in her alternative speech, but she spoke about much more ambitious carbon reduction targets than the current government has planned.

    “My government will seek effective global and European collaboration to combat climate change, in a globally equitable manner, which will involve a 90 per cent cut in UK CO2 emissions from 1990 levels by 2030,” the Green Party leader told Channel 4.

  2. Dave Schwab

    Yes, Nat is just the sort of guy you’d want in this job. He’s an experienced local officeholder, soft-spoken, intelligent, and honest. He and Jill Stein should really shake things up this year in MA.

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