Poli-Tea Web Video: Declare Your Independence

Posted at Poli-Tea and TPID:

I have just uploaded my first Poli-Tea video to Youtube: “Declare your Independence.” Last month, the California Independent Voter Network put out a call for video declarations of independence, which got me thinking, and, well, you can see the first results for yourself below. The video is a minute long and represents some fairly simple experimentation with slides and sound samples, but it’s pretty surprising what you can do with a laptop and a little bit of time. As always, comments, suggestions and criticism are welcome below. Feel free to embed or otherwise disseminate the video, if you please, and consider putting one together yourself.

3 thoughts on “Poli-Tea Web Video: Declare Your Independence

  1. Steven wilson

    Your declaration is in your vote, can’t vote for what is not on the ballot. You must either destroy the party on the external or alter it from the inside.

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