Various Events At Libertarian Party National Convention, Bylaws Voting By Mail

Thomas Knapp reports from the Radical Caucus Lunch, an informal meeting of that caucus, that there were over 50 delegates present.

He was also present at the founding of the Non-Intervention Caucus, which I am told was “well attended” by delegates, I’ll try to find numbers for attendance. It’s purpose is to oppose the platform committee recommendation on plank 3.3, concerning war, and to defend the existing language of that platform plank.

Additionally, there was an event at a nearby bar called “Bar, Not Barr”–which was an event for those who did not want to listen to keynote speaker and former Presidential candidate Bob Barr’s speech to the National Convention.

Lastly, the convention considered a measure to allow voting on bylaws measures by mail. Aaron Starr, Treasurer of the Libertarian Party, estimated that such a mailing would cost around $8000–roughly as much as an issue of LPNews. Starr, a supporter of the measure, offered to pay for the first mailing. The measure ultimately failed by a voice vote.

17 thoughts on “Various Events At Libertarian Party National Convention, Bylaws Voting By Mail

  1. Trent Hill Post author

    I remember thinking when he said it, “Wow–a promise of an $8000 donation is pretty charitable.”

  2. Donny Ferguson

    How is it a “bribe” if it’s an offer to help the Party? By your demented logic, tens of thousands of Libertarians are falsely guilty of “bribery” because they support programs they like.

    Some people are so consumed by hate it clouds their thinking.

  3. Michael H. Wilson

    Donny it is money being paid to influence a vote even if it does not go to the person voting.

  4. Trent Hill Post author

    I think Donny is sort of right, though he states his case badly. I don’t see it as a bribe–it’s a donation as a party meant to diffuse both the cost and the possible controversy of the measure.

  5. Michael Seebeck

    No, Donny and Trent.

    Because it was during the actual debate that he made the offer, he was making an attempt to influence the vote with money. That’s unethical by any standards and one of the very thing we loather as libertarians. He was also on the Bylaws Committee and voted to recommend the proposal and probably wrote that fiasco.

    You gotta see the bigger picture. Aaron is one of the worst at decorum in these things, and sitting right next to him, (because I staked out a seat nearest a power supply because the convention planners forgot about a simple and obvious thing such as people needing power for laptops in the center of the floor seating), he was popping up and down like a Whack-a-Mole game even beyond the Libertarian Hokey Pokey, Exercise Program, and Bylaws Marathon we engaged in (see my tweets).

    More today with Platform.

  6. Michael Seebeck

    BTW, of the 30 proposals heard yesterday, all 5 fiascos were voted down repeatedly, and the tide has clearly shifted in the radical direction.

  7. K Tunstall

    “Radical Caucus, TAKEOVER!”

    With all due respect Mr. Milnes, should this occur you will have plenty of time to debate your actions. I know for my part, I’ll not engage in a philosophical debating society.

    Have fun with those ballot access drives.

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