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Winston-Salem Journal Editorializes Against Restrictive Ballot Access Laws

The Winston-Salem Journal today issued an editorial which deplores the Democratic and Republican Parties in North Carolina for maintaining some of the most restrictive ballot-access requirements in the nation.

The two entrenched political parties have enough problems with internal populist insurrections this year. So, they didn’t want another third party that would provide voters with the opportunity to both vent anger and disturb the traditional one-on-one November voting.

The North Carolina Democratic and Republican parties can congratulate themselves that they have succeeded in keeping the latest third-party off the ballot.

North Carolina First would have been the creation of mostly liberal Democrats and the Service Employees International Union. Group leaders wanted to challenge three North Carolina Democratic congressmen who failed to support health-care reform this spring.

North Carolina First needed 90,000 signatures of registered voters by June 1 to get on the ballot as a party. It failed to hit a preliminary deadline and has abandoned the effort.

Now it will be less ambitious and try to get an independent candidate to challenge U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell in the 8th Congressional District. That won’t be easy, either.

By design, North Carolina law is among the most restrictive in the nation when it comes to third parties and independent candidates. Republicans and Democrats become best buddies when legislation is proposed to ease those restrictions. The sanctity of the two-party system cannot be destroyed, they say.

The article goes on to talk about the Libertarian Party of North Carolina and it’s difficulties remaining on the ballot over the years.

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  1. This is an important message to repeat in North Carolina…

    Thanks for the story…

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