American Independent Party Primary in California

California’s primary election was held today and reports are slowly rolling in. We’ve reported in the past on the on-going conflict between two factions in the American Independent Party of California between Constitution Party-loyal activists and Alan Keyes-loyal activists. The primary determines who can be a voting member of the State Central Committee of the party, which makes the primary very important to the on-going legal struggles between the two factions to determine who controls the fate of the party. Many candidate in the Constitution Party faction were unopposed, but three had opponents from the Keyes faction. The top of the ticket, the Gubernatorial race, was the race upon which both groups focused the most. Chelene Nightingale is the former direct of Save Our State, an anti-illegal immigration group in California, and the Constitution Party-loyal candidate. Markham Robinson is the Secretary of State recognized chairman of the party and an Alan Keyes faction candidate. Nightingale has a lead of 17% thus far, though with 23.1% reporting, the results are far from conclusive.

With 53.6% reporting:

Chelene Nightingale: 12,893 or 58.5%
Markham Robinson: 9,166 or 41.5%

The other two contested races in the AIP primary, Controller and US Senate, are being won by the Keyes-faction candidates by 11.4% and 6.3% respectively. With 53.6% reporting, it is safe to say those candidates will maintain their lead. In the three contested races, then, the Keyes faction won two races and the Constitution Party faction won one.

Election results for all races and all parties, as well as propositions, can be found here.

Chelene Nightingale 8,164
Markham Robinson 5,715

56 thoughts on “American Independent Party Primary in California

  1. Cody Quirk

    Well, the solid majority of the Baldwin candidates, especially Nightingale won their contests, so I hope to see such winners be able to attend and fairly vote at the upcoming AIP State Convention.

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    The CP-faction ran 17 candidates, one died prior to the primary. Only 3 races were contested by the Keyes folks. They lost one of those for sure. So the Keyes folks won a maximum of 2 SCC seats, while the CP faction won a minimum of 15.

  3. Trent Hill Post author

    By far the most interesting fact about this primary is not the results–it is the overall turnout. If I remember correctly, Grundmann received 23,000+ votes in 2006 when he ran for US Senate. The turnout in the AIP primary is currently floating just beneath 20k with only 39.7% reporting.

  4. 14% at 9:48 PM on June 8th ......... Don Lake

    4 responses so far ?

    * 1 Cody Quirk // Jun 9, 2010 at 1:14 am

    Lake: Well, the solid majority of the Baldwin candidates, especially Nightingale won their contests, so I hope to see such winners remove from the November ballot based upon their criminal misbehavior prior to the primary election!

  5. C James Madison

    IAP voters in the Senate race probably wish they had IRV, since the leader at this time does not have 40% of the vote…

  6. Peter Gemma

    With what appears to be final results listed on the CA sec’y of state page, what impresses me is that the total number of AIP votes is relatively the same all the way down the ticket – 28,000 … there’s usually a sharp drop-off after the sexy races for Gov. and Sen. That indicates a vibrant core constituency.

    In the race for Controller, was there any factional difference between the candidates, i.e., Keyes vs. party regulars?

    Trent: how does this turnout compare to previous AIP primaries?

    If the party regulars do indeed win a majority of these contests, will the factional fighting be essentially one of snipping here and there rather than costly court battles? It sure would be great to see Nightingale have a clear field at presenting AIP views and not be distracted by the fringe elements.

  7. Davi Rodrigues

    I would like to point out the rather huge percentage of write in votes in the governor race. I don’t know the historical reference, but it’s way out of any other party range in percentages. I’ve found a few instances where the right in percent exceeded the stated candidates vote. Were AIP governor voters crossing party lines in this race and writing in republican? It’s showing 20 and 30 per cent write in
    Not something I’ve noticed before.

  8. C James Madison

    It is good to see that the voting totals uphold the fact that the AIP is larger (in California) than the Greens, the Libertarians, and those in the Peace & Freedom Party. I mention this since often people post that registration numbers are not accurate and citizens have “accidently registered in the AIP when really they were stating that they were independent”. It appears a good number have registered in the AIP on purpose and we hope those numbers go up…..

  9. Davi Rodrigues

    Here’s an example: Plumas County

    MARKHAM ROBINSON 24 17.78%
    Write-in Votes 45 33.33%

    As far as getting more support for Nightingale in the general election. I think she would have a huge battle collecting money from this point on. A lot of people would think she had enough of a shot to win the primary, but I seriously doubt they would invest in her chances beyond that. She’d have to convince real investors to donate to her campaign to make it the slightest bit credible, and once people with money look at the bankruptcy and other baggage, they will scoff at her. I doubt those who have donated thus far even have more to give.
    I think she’s just going to expand on her laurels of this minor victory and do what Chelene has always done. Try to use that to fulfill her demented need for attention. It is my prediction that she will do more damage to the AIP’s future chances and credibility than having run nobody for governor. That’s what she did for Save Our State, and that’s what she did for the immigration law enforcement movement.
    We’ll see how my prediction pans out

  10. Just one person's opinion ......... Don Lake

    Cody Quirk // Jun 9, 2010 at 2:30 am
    “Lake, as well as being an idiot, you are a fascist pig as well ………”

    So we have a bunch of ‘nutters’ and every one but them is an idiot ???????

    I, Donald Raymond Lake, do publicly petition the current, legal, lawful, official California American Independent Party leader ship to formally remove two candidates from consideration as public offerings in the November 2010 California General Election.

    Due to criminal acts, including but not limited to threats of physical violence and or bank ruptcy FRAUD, I do here by petition that Doctor Donald J. Grundmann, DC and or Chelene Ward Nightingale be so removed.

  11. Prop 14 wins

    Interesting that Markham Robinson got about 12,000 votes and he didn’t even run a campaign or get donations….Nightingale got less than 1% of the total votes Statewide …Richard aguirre a surfer running dem got 22,000 votes….

  12. prop 14 wins

    Nightingale got 1/2 of 1% from the total votes…cast for governor….but, thats the way third parties usually go…

  13. Tommy knows

    So there are 38 million people living in ca….these bozo’s don’t even get 20,000 votes…who cares….

  14. prop 14 wins

    35 million voted…aip nightingale got 18,000 votes that estimates less than 1% of votes

  15. Prop 14 wins

    correction a little over 3 million voted in the gov. race….still makes nightingale less than 1% of total votes cast interesting to note in the same gov primary in 2006 Ed noonan got 29,000 votes….

  16. Brian Holtz

    In statewide races in the general elections of 2006 and 2008, the Libertarian typically got about twice votes of the AIP candidate, even though there are about 5 times as many voters registered AIP compared to Libertarian.

    All that yesterday’s numbers show is that a fraction of AIP-registered voters will vote in the races that appear on the ballot that they’re given.

    Thus AIP general-election candidates get vote totals that one would expect from a third party with one tenth the registered voters that AIP actually has.

    Wow, I knew the unintentional-registration effect was big, but I didn’t realize it was this big. Thanks for prompting me to check the stats.

  17. Trent Hill Post author

    “With what appears to be final results listed on the CA sec’y of state page, what impresses me is that the total number of AIP votes is relatively the same all the way down the ticket – 28,000”

    Actually, Peter, you’re underestimating it. The SoS site now says a total of over 30,000 votes were cast in the top races. The US Senate race eclipsed 31.5k.

    Nightingale won every county but 4 against Robinson. One of those she tied in. The other 3 she lost by 3, 5, and 6 votes respectively.

  18. Trent Hill Post author

    “correction a little over 3 million voted in the gov. race….still makes nightingale less than 1% of total votes cast interesting to note in the same gov primary in 2006 Ed noonan got 29,000 votes….”

    Noonan was running against no one and therefore collected all of the primary votes. That’s a non-sequitor. Why don’t you compare Noonan’s take in the Senate race to Nightingale’s take in the Governor’s race?

  19. Journalist

    I found this site and its interesting reading on Ms Nightengale past adminstraive work and ethics.
    QUOTE: A Yahoo group that shows the hypocrisy fruitcake registered not-for-profit Save Our State club and with it’s absent self appointed leader Joe Turner (four time failed election candidate), who unilaterally appointed flawty “SOS has NO staff” club and Internet forum non-elected “leaders” (imaginary SOS media advisor- frustrated EX-beauty contest loser & failed actress koolaide drinker Chelene “patriotic dream ! ! !” Nightengale and others moonbat forum lapdog cronie losers).
    We want people to speak out for ethical SOS club change and defend the honorable SOS whistle-blowers that are found and routinely banned out of the forums, just for a offering a differing opinion from Chelene or forum opinion minders. Is this the USA? UNQUOTE

  20. Trent Hill Post author


    They are likely people who thought they were Independents and decided to vote for other candidates. Or, alternatively, they may have been constitutionalist types who didn’t know either name, so they voted for Ron Paul or something (I know two people who did that).

  21. prop 14 wins

    Noonan got about 13,000 votes had 2 other running for aip senate….

  22. prop 14 wins

    AIP convention starting in 2011 will become null and void….infact all parties will because many can run without party affliation…or to even name a party……its soo easy….


    If there’s still some argument between the warring factions of the AIP, pay good money to attend the state convention. This is prime Chelene Nightingale territory. It will likely explode into some Jerry Springer-esque display filled with wild accusations of all types. Rahm Emanuel may value disasters, but not as much as Ms. Nightingale covets soap opera situations wherein she is the featured star.

  24. -

    Chelene Nightingale for governor 2010 her new battle cry is ‘SEND ME MONEY NOW!!!!!” 4 MONTHS to buy freedom COME ON FOLKS We need 100,000 dollars to advertise one TV commercial…FREEDOM IS NOT FREE!! (Geebus )….wake me when its over….

  25. -

    Dear Don Grundman please accept my sincere sadness in your failure to win the primary against Ed Noonan…I am sure it will not affect you….much….just know that….Truth prevails and you can always run next time…again…..

  26. -

    Lets see if Brown and whitman will aloow Ms Nightingale in their debates…now this should be interesting…..of course Chelene can just protest outside in the parking…outside the forums (she did this perviously) and wipe the slow tear from her eye…..”why won’t they listen to me?” hang on kids…..

  27. Just one person's opinion ......... Don Lake

    Davi Rodrigues // Jun 9, 2010:
    “……… So what does everyone think of the write in vote numbers. Why are they so high and who do you think they were voting for?”

    Can’t prove it in court, mere here say”

    [a] The Nightingale, Grundmann, Lussenheide (Mister and Mrs), King (Mister and Mrs), and others, were given the benefit of a doubt (in 2009)

    [b] the main stays started late

    [c] write ins (numerous offices) for Justin (Edward’s son) Noonan: a dozen plus in Sandy Ego County, dozens state wide, and not many counted or at least recorded at this time!

  28. _

    So out of 22 governor candidates…Chelene Nightingale came in 15th..that includes greens peace and freedom and robinson….17K votes for the whole state….hmm looks like she might have to steal dems or reps….to back her..cause AIP is limited…

  29. Trent Hill Post author


    General election, I suspect Nightingale will place somewhere between 3rd and 6th. Nice try though.

  30. Cody Quirk

    Sounds like Mark is at work.

    Nightingale won the Primary fair and square, period- get over it morons.
    This conspiracy talk of write-in voters can also be leveled at the Noonan and Beliz’s campaigns as well in the same logic.

    Got a link on the Write-ins Davi?

  31. Cody Quirk

    I, Donald Raymond Lake, do publicly petition the current, legal, lawful, official California American Independent Party leader ship to formally remove two candidates from consideration as public offerings in the November 2010 California General Election.

    = Is the loony-toon fascist even registered AIP?

    And if we’re talking about removing candidates for criminal actions, how about we start with Ed Noonan and his disgusting work during the 2008 Prez. Elections.

  32. _

    quirk…why won’t nightingale win the election? why do you regulate her to 3rd place or 6th palce…some friend you are…:0

  33. Trent Hill Post author

    Quirk didnt say that, idiot, I did. And I’m not a friend, I’m an election and third party news blogger. I think she’ll place 4th.

  34. Davi Rodrigues


    I went to each county and reviewed the votes. Some counties list the quantity of write-ins, some don’t. many do though. The link would be found at the Secretary of state’s site, under election results. They have a link to each county. I think you should go find it yourself, as anything I submit might be challenged as not authentic.
    It’s very real though. Can’t really argue with the official sources, and that’s pretty much my usual method.
    I’ll admit I don’t know what was behind the numbers on this one. I’m just saying I’d like to learn why.
    Those are rather large and uncommon percentages there

  35. ........ Don Lake and 'paulisms'

    Truth ????????????

    paulism #1 ‘not enough folks blog on’ (or words to that affect ………..

    “AIP founder endorses Nightingale for Governor
    August 13th, 2009 · 430 Comments”

    paulism #2 just a small amount of partisans keep on kiping (or words to that affect)

    [ AS PREDICTED all kinds of new folks blogged on this year, and who know how many viewers]

    paulism #3 ‘ Ms. Nightingale, a well known California political activist for constitutionalist causes ….’

    Was not true in July 2009, not true today! This was pointed out IMMEDIATELY by Knappster, Lake, and others.

    San Bernardino based, but living in Los Angeles County ——- not that 99% of viewers would find out!

    Red Flagged by elections officials —– not that 99% of viewers would find out!

    GUILTY of fraud ——- not that 99% of viewers would find out!

    Removed from director ship of ‘Save Our State’ ——- not that 99% of viewers would find out!

    The argument could be made that paulie and IPR helped hand the election to the bad guys (whom I think should be taken off of the November ballot) via misinformation.

    Citizens For A Better Veterans Home did not ask for partisan influence —– we only asked for the truth!

    AND ’35M West Coast voters ‘ ????????? On what planet ?????????

    AND Cody: “Don Lake is a Maroon!”

  36. paulie

    Stop teh fucking spamming. And stop putting words in my mouth. “Paulism #3” is not something I even remotely agree with. Paulism #1 and #2 are true. Any argument could be made, but yours is an exceedingly silly one.

  37. Davi Rodrigues

    I contacted two of the counties that showed the largest percentage of write-in votes in the AIP gubernatorial election and asked if we could obtain the names that the voters wrote in
    Mendocino was the highest, and they said:
    “Hi Davi
    Unfortunately, we only track and publish certified write-in candidates.

    Thank you

    Katrina Bartolomie
    Assistant Registrar of Voters
    Mendocino County
    Clerk Recorder/Elections
    501 Low Gap Road, Room 1020
    Ukiah, CA 95482
    (707) 463-4374
    (707) 463-4257 fax

    The other one that responded was Alameda county, and here was their replies:

    “We only review and tally the write ins if there are qualified write in candidates for that race. As an example we don’t tally all the Mickey mouse or Donald duck votes cast.”

    Dave Macdonald
    Registrar of Voters
    Alameda County

    And a second reply:

    “I think your numbers are a little off. The AIP write ins for Governor is around 28%. Just as a credibility check I looked at Contra Costa totals. The write ins for the same race are over 26%. I don’t know what other counties experienced but it should be easy to look at their web sites to see if they had the same experience. What you are asking for is not impossible but it will take quite a bit of staff time. If you wait until after the results are certified we may be able to look at some ballots and see if there are any patterns.”

    Dave Macdonald

    One thing that should be pointed out to everyone, is that a write-in vote for a non qualified candidate is a wasted vote, unless you are just doing it to amuse yourself.

    The other thing is, in many counties, an average of 22% of AIP voters chose to amuse themselves rather than vote for a qualified AIP gubernatorial candidate.

  38. Cody Quirk

    So there’s nothing there that would challenge the credibility of the AIP Primary, especially in the Governor’s race.

    Chelene’s win is legit.

  39. Davi Rodrigues

    That wasn’t my interest in the effort there Cody. My interest was aimed towards the unusually high percentage of write-in voters for that race. It’s an unusually high percentage for any race in any party. I’d like to know why people so disenfranchised with the major parties that they’d take a chance on nuturing a small, nearly insignificant party to make their vote mean something, but then seemingly become even more disenfranchised with their parties candidates for governor to the point they’d waste their vote entirely by writing something in. I’d like to know what they wrote in. I wouldn’t know if Chelene’s win is legit or not. Who knows what goes on in the polls after the vote. What I do know from this, and especially so in relation to the voters in Mendocino county was that nearly half of them felt that voting for either Robinson or Nightingale was worse than throwing away the vote entirely. In other counties it was 1/4 of them.

  40. -

    The numbers for all votes won’t even be done for about 3 weeks… absentee ballots have not even been counted completely. A race in CA for insurance comiss. was called for a candidate and now looks like the opposing candidate is winning.

  41. Mark Seidenberg

    Cody Quirk

    The Convention of the AIP will be next Saturday
    at 5501 Sky Pky, South Sacramento Community.
    Starts at 10 a.m.

    Sincerely, Mark Seidenberg, Vice Chairman,
    American Independent Party

  42. Don Grundmann

    Cody – Mark The SeidenRAT is openly announcing that the Robinson criminal gang will deny the right to vote to anyone who will oppose their corruption.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Vice-Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party

  43. Green Party

    I was browsing ballotpedia and they have the official results from 2010 ca gov race. Turns out, Laura wells from the Green Party came in third place with 1.89 percent. Chelene nightingale had been touting she came in third place but official results show her with 1.64. Check it out for yourself. 4th place isn’t bad. Laura wells deserves the credit for coming in third. Green Party congrats. Better late than never

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