The Great Debate: Australia Sex Party vs. Family First

From the Australian Sex Party newsletter:

Sex Party welcomes national sex and morality debate with Family First: “We’re Ready When You Are!”

Appearing on national television Thursday morning for a panel discussion regarding the sexual politics of the upcoming federal election, Australian Sex Party President and Victorian Senate Candidate Fiona Patten welcomed the idea of a debate with Family First Senator Steven Fielding, on the social and moral issues which are being increasingly ignored by the major parties in the lead-up to polling day.

** Stop Press: The debate is on! The Australian Sex Party’s Fiona Patten will go up against Family First’s Wendy Francis Monday, 2 August, 7.15am on Sunrise.

This is the debate Australians really want to see. Two politicians with differing views, debating real issues**

Ms. Patten wholeheartedly embraced the notion of a debate with Senator Fielding after it was suggested this morning by historian, author and columnist Dr. Ross Fitzgerald, on The Morning Show discussion this morning. Citing issues such as censorship, same sex marriage and the internet filter, Dr. Fitzgerald chided the major parties for ignoring these issues on the campaign trail and in Sunday night’s Leader’s Debate, and emphasized the need for a public discussion on these vital issues between the Australian Sex Party and the fundamentalist Christian-backed Family First leader Senator Fielding.

The call for a debate between the two parties comes in the wake of revelations that Family First bizarrely courted the Sex Party in preference discussions, in spite of holding diametrically opposed positions on a staggering range of issues, from voluntary euthanasia, to drug reform, to the universal right of adults across Australia to legally access adult themed computer games and non-violent erotica. Family First has since denied making preference approaches to the Sex Party, in spite of a clear body of evidence to the contrary in the form of emails from Family First staff members to Ms. Patten and other Sex Party campaign staff.

One thought on “The Great Debate: Australia Sex Party vs. Family First

  1. Sebastian conroy bateson

    Australia fmaily first party was hilariously bad. it made me loose faith in humanity if people actually beleived and went with the crap that ‘Wendy’ spewed out of her G rated mouth. she had bad manners, was like child and kept saying ‘nope, nup, no, nah ya wrong, ya bad im right becuase i live in mainstream suburbs and i feed my kids detol’. in away she was like a child clamping her ears and having a tantrum. if she was the best the family first party could offer than it makes me worried that there in polotics

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