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Illinois: At Least Seven Libertarian Candidates on Ballot

The Libertarian Party of Illinois (“LP Illinois”) proudly announces that our state-wide slate of candidates will be on the ballot for this November’s election.  By a unanimous vote last week, the Illinois State Board of Elections determined that LP Illinois has a sufficient number of valid petition signatures and as a result will be able to compete for votes this fall.

“This vindicates our efforts in this process,” said Lupe Diaz, State Chair of LP Illinois.  “We played by the rules, withstood the challenges, and now we can focus on offering the right alternative to voters,” added Diaz.

Earlier this month, members of LP Illinois defended our petitions against a series of challenges during an eight day line by line review in Springfield.  At the end of the review, LP Illinois had over 33,000 valid signatures, 8,000 more than the minimum required for new parties and independent candidates.

Our candidates are:

Mike Labno                       U.S. Senate

Lex Green                         Governor

Ed Rutledge                      Lt. Governor

Josh Hanson                    Secretary of State

Bill Malan                           Attorney General

Julie Fox                            Comptroller

James Pauly                     Treasurer

Now that we have secured our places on the ballot, we invite the public and the media to meet our candidates.

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  1. Yeah, that's it ... Yeah, that's it ... September 4, 2010

    … that’s right … LP campaigns and candidates need to have a phone number that they answer. A live human LP volunteer or staffer needs to be available – not an answering service, not a message to be returned.

    I’ve left an email message and a phone number to call with the Fox campaign, but no reply, and they don’t answer.

    For the record: Many LP candidates and LP affiliates do have phone numbers and they do answer … and some of them will receive large and numerous donations.

    Politics is retail and local. If you aren’t available to donors and volunteers when they come to call … opportunity knocks and as we all know, you have to answer.

  2. George Phillies George Phillies September 4, 2010

    “Give Out Your Own Phone”…

    For all you people with that concern, thanks to all these electronic alternatives you can buy an extra number for a few months.

  3. Well then ... Well then ... September 4, 2010

    … OK … Jane of Trades …

    Please give us a phone number for the campaign manager or some other campaign staff member who will actually answer the phone and discuss the media and fundraising plans for this campaign. Not a recording or a “leave a message” type 888 system, but a real, live, knowledgable, human, campaign staff member for the Fox campaign. Please. And hurry. Donation season is here. Time is running out.

  4. The Jane of Trades The Jane of Trades September 3, 2010

    Julie Fox is the best candidate for Comptroller by far regardless of her party. She is a CPA and she will be running against a republican career politician and a democrat dentist. She is very fiscally conservative and that is exactly what Illinois needs!

  5. What now? What now? September 1, 2010

    Steven Wilson @ 15

    Yes, I understand Julie Fox being reluctant to give out personal details or her personal phone numbers.

    But … her campaign needs to have a phone number answered by actual people in order to connect with volunteers and donors on a timely basis. Politics is a retail business. The store needs to be open in order to connect with its customers, suppliers and workers. Leaving and returning messages is not good enough. LP parties and candidates need to understand this.

    We need offices and phone numbers and real people to connect to. It is possible to share resources and route calls for all candidates and the state and local parties to a single live individual, but some live human being has to be available. And not an answering service to take a message either(hint – LP New York). Get a phone number and answer it. If you don’t, you will not ever be able to achieve your goals.

  6. Mike Mike September 1, 2010

    Perpetually Leaving Annoying Spam

  7. Vinnie Vinnie September 1, 2010

    Pervert Loves Ass Stretching

  8. Drunk Against Madd Mothers Drunk Against Madd Mothers September 1, 2010

    Period Left A Stain

  9. Smasing Snooki Smasing Snooki September 1, 2010

    Poop Laying Around Smelling

    Pathetic Loser Arrested: Stalking

    Pig Laid A Stinkbomb

  10. Gorilla Juicehead Gorilla Juicehead September 1, 2010

    Pedophile Lurking Around Schoolboys

  11. Drunk Against Madd Mothers Drunk Against Madd Mothers September 1, 2010

    Pretty Loaded After Surgery

  12. paulie paulie September 1, 2010

    Post-Lay Anus Syndrome

  13. NewFederalist NewFederalist September 1, 2010

    “What is β€œPLAS”?”

    OMG… you don’t know??

  14. Steven wilson Steven wilson September 1, 2010

    I talk to her through facebook now. I am in Missouri. She has a website fox for comptroller, and will link up to her facebook and twitter stuff. Her mailing is in Arlington Heights, but I would check her site for that.

    She uses her email addresses to filter out people due to the overly kind people in Illinois sec of state. Because of the sig drive and everything, she had to be careful with whom she spoke. She has about four emails depending on what you want from her. Speeches, general questions, event schedules, they are all right there at her site.

    Sorry about the number, but you can’t blame her in that state.

  15. What now? What now? September 1, 2010

    Hey Steve Wilson,

    Got a phone number for her campaign – one where they actually answer the phone?

  16. Roberto Roberto September 1, 2010

    What is “PLAS”?

  17. Steven wilson Steven wilson September 1, 2010

    Julie Fox is the best candidate they have running. She was the regional rep for the lp last year, and she is very good at speaking in public. She ran before in 2002, but I am not sure about her final vote total.

    She has the best chance for the following reasons. She is aggressively campaigning in the northeast Chicago land area, and she lives in the Fox valley, Dundee area. She is the only CPA running for comptroller. She has public and private experience in accounting.

    I met Julie at the state convention. She is professional, approachable, and dedicated.

  18. LibertyWatchdog LibertyWatchdog September 1, 2010

    Mike Labno is probably the strongest candidate. Discontent on the right is going to force the GOP to taking civil liberties seriously again.

  19. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 1, 2010

    I am certainly open to such possibilities.

  20. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist August 31, 2010

    Good idea Derek. and I also like your idea of incorporating the Constitution Party into PLAS.
    I could even make a PLAS page on Facebook, though I don’t know how to make videos.

  21. Derek Derek August 31, 2010

    Robert, I’ve got an idea! How about trying to get the PLAS message viral by making videos on YouTube and creating a PLAS page on Facebook for example? πŸ˜‰

  22. paulie paulie August 31, 2010

    Given all the scandals that the Democrats and Republicans in Illinois government have had lately, this could be a good year for alternative parties/candidates there.

  23. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 31, 2010

    At least one LP or GP candidate should hire me AND Richard Winger to try for the close plurality win via a PLAS campaign.
    Obviously if that campaign wins & the others do the usual, there is something to it.

  24. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes August 31, 2010

    Too bad they are all going to lose. 5%? pretty good chance.

  25. Mik Robertson Mik Robertson August 31, 2010


  26. paulie paulie August 31, 2010

    Julie Fox probably has the best chance to get 5%.

  27. Great Job! Great Job! August 31, 2010

    Now, what are your chances for winning the 5% needed to keep statewide ballot status?

    Who is your best candidate?

    What media buys does he/she plan?

    What is your fundraising plan for this candidate?

    Phone numbers to discuss this and donate?

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