Illinois Green Party Treasurer Candidate Suggests Public Law School Closings

Illinois Treasurer Candidate Scott Summers made headlines on Wednesday in the Daily Herald, a newspaper centered on the suburbs of Chicago. He is the nominated candidate for the Green Party, which made Major Party status in 2006.

In it, Summers makes suggestions about trimming education costs.

A former McHenry County College trustee, now a Green Party candidate for Illinois treasurer, has proposed eliminating two of the state’s three public law schools to save cash.

One of them is his alma mater.

In line with a fiscal policy that sparked his resignation from the community college board last summer, Scott Summers, an estate planning lawyer from Harvard, has proposed “slimming down” or even “mothballing” Northern Illinois and Southern Illinois universities’ law school programs.

“We have three public law schools,” Summers said Monday. “And another seven or eight private law schools and a whole bunch of unemployed lawyers and underemployed lawyers. How long can we as taxpayers continue to support this?”

The article also briefly mentions his thoughts on other campuses and the political office he once held.

Summers said he also believes in scrutinizing the number of satellite medical campuses that public universities operate across the state.

Summers, a former board chair at the Crystal Lake college, resigned as a trustee last summer, with two years left in his term. The relationship between Summers and other board members soured in 2007 after he withdrew his public support for an MCC-built health, wellness and athletic complex and baseball stadium in Crystal Lake, and relinquished the board’s chairmanship. The board censured both him and another trustee, who also changed her mind about plan.

Summers is facing Pontiac Republican Dan Rutherford and Democratic candidate Robin Kell in the fall, who have not offered their own opinions on the matter. The article mentions that they “have sparred over whether the treasurer should keep satellite offices open around the state.”

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4 thoughts on “Illinois Green Party Treasurer Candidate Suggests Public Law School Closings

  1. Deran

    Cutting public education facilities would seem to me to have a negative impact potential medical and law students from low income and people of color families.

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