Kevin Thompson Leaves the Constitution Party

This is a bit dated (6 July 10), but I don’t think it was posted here at the time. Kevin is a former Constitution Party candidate for the House of Representatives in Massachusetts. He now resides in Wisconsin.

Dear Constitution Party Members,

This letter comes after much prayer, thought and discussion.  I have decided that it would be best to conduct my political activity within the Republican Party.  This was not an easy decision, but it is one on which I am confident.  Let me reasons for leaving the party.

(1)    For quite some time, I have been growing disenchanted with the Constitution Party.  The fact of the matter is, I no longer see the rationale of placing much time, effort and money into a party that will constantly and consistently lose in the end.  In the summer of 2008, I can’t think how much time I spent traveling all over Massachusetts dropping off and collecting signatures for Chuck Baldwin.  While it was nice seeing the sights, was all that effort worth the less than one percent that Pastor Baldwin was able achieve.  I also think of my own campaign for Congress three years ago.  Several months of my life were spent in an effort that gave me less than half of one percent of the over all vote.  While this race taught me a lot about the political system and gave me an experience I am now able to pass on to my students, but overall it really did little to help the party or the state of Massachusetts.  The party has been in existence since 1992.  What signs of growth or accomplishment can we really show to justify the party’s existence?  What is the point in exerting all this effort to accomplish nothing?  What really bothers me is that some in the party actually take pride in losing.  They proclaim their moral and ideological superiority as the reason for their defeat.  At least I didn’t compromise…  But, the problem is, you didn’t do anything else either…

Continued at his blog. The whole thing is rather lengthy.

12 thoughts on “Kevin Thompson Leaves the Constitution Party

  1. guy fawkes

    This is the truth about this party and many others. Sometimes “vanity” candidates that don’t really have any political background and little support use the third party status just to get noticed. Because that party would appear on the ballot. It is a lot about wasted time. I was going to back someone in CA but decided after reading all the fighting within the CP/AIp that they seemed like a bunch of morons. Some people just like to go out and be noticed for their 15 minutes..yada yada.. too little time to play games with others money and others time.

  2. Jason Gatties

    I don’t get why he needed to “announce” this. Sounds to me like he’s going to run as a Republican at some point. He could do that without slamming the CP in the process.

    In Michigan, plenty of 3rd Party members have run as a Republican or Democrat and got the backing of their “real” party in the process.

    The CP gave this guy a chance to run for office and he repays that by slamming them on the way out. Good riddance.

  3. RedPhillips Post author

    I suspect Kevin felt a need to explain his decision to his fellow CP of Wisconsin members. I do think that taken as a whole it unfortunately comes off as a bit of axe grinding and piling on. Perhaps some of it could have waited for a separate essay. I should acknowledge that I consider Kevin a (virtual) friend, and was disappointed that he made the decision he did.

  4. 'AOK, AOK', [Lake]

    Kevin Thompson Leaves the Constitution Party

    July 6th, 2010 / August 1st, 2010 · Comments

    former Constitution Party candidate for the House of Representatives in Massachusetts ….. now resides in Wisconsin.

    For quite some time, I have been growing disenchanted with the Constitution Party.

    [Lake: Old news, just part of a growing trend, and now for the bull shit ‘Don Lake is a fool’ knee jerk / jerk off reaction from Doctor Gruntman, Jim King, Nightmare Nightingale, and Quirk Boy / aka DRL’s Momma!]

    [Like Lake reporting on the southern states grumbling ‘about the national Constitution Party. Gruntman and Quirk yell no, no, no but also ask if Lake meant certain region of the nation (he did) and certain states (he did)!]

    [Like Quirk asking and responding on so and so at such and such with details that few would know! ——- Oh I (Grundman, Quirk) do not know a thing about it ………….. Gypsies Tramps and Thieves!]

  5. NewFederalist

    Burnout pure and simple. Along with the “lesser of two evils” and difficult ballot access problems, this is the deal killer for alternative parties. Dedicated, good people work their hearts out and then don’t see the rewards they were looking for so they drift back to whichever major party is closest to them ideologically. A shame perhaps, but certainly understandable.

  6. Red Phillips

    “and then don’t see the COOPORATION”

    You mean like staying in the party when your guy losses the nomination, instead of leaving in a huff? Is that the kind of cooperation you mean?

  7. citizen1

    I personally believe in working both within and without the major parties. I believe that if there is no outside force the parties not see the need to change because there is no other choice so why change.

  8. 'COOPERATION', [Lake]

    I mean like folks whom gripe about Social Security, and then when the GOP does some thing, the Lib ‘silence is deafening’!

    Like lefties whom will not let anti W and anti mid east military adventures of a right of center or even a central bent help or even merely table in their events.

    Patrick and Bay Buchanan promising not to interject religion (1999) in the P2000 campaign and then stealing $12.5M in the resulting strong box robbery.

    Reform party honchos killing the partisan national blog and monthly print house organ to blunt a widely popular article on the USS Liberty murders.

    A million shadowy, murkie, snarkie situations where folks say one thing, do an other, and retell it in a third. We have to be better than the $&#$% Democans and the @&#%$#& Republicrats, not just as bad!

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