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  1. Robert Milnes Robert Milnes September 1, 2010

    Not long ago I emailed Davis requesting that she consider the vp position on my Independent fusion ticket. I have heard nothing. Which is just as well because she recently evidently failed Tom K.’s libertarian litmus test re: the Cordoba House Islamic Community Center.
    Although if she were to join me & endorse PLAS, that would to me trump the litmus test.
    So I am still seeking a woman libertarian for that position.
    I must point out that the elections are approaching. PLAS should at least be tried by at least one Green or Libertarian candidate. Ideally it should be endorsed by both parties & all candidates.
    There has been some naysaying here at IPR about PLAS. I say let’s try it. Wouldn’t it be great to vote out all the reactionaries-dems & reps- & vote in about 50/50 Greens & Libertarians? This is possible with PLAS in a close plurality victory in what would become a 3 way race. PLAS candidate 40/dem 30/rep 30.
    An inclusive progressive movement could bring us a new age of wonderful accomplishments. Success in 2010 could set the stage for 2012. Or we can continue to be saddled with the reactionaries.
    If you would like to see PLAS tried soon before it is too late for 2010, you must speak up.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist Catholic Trotskyist September 1, 2010

    Yes, we need PLAS! SPEAK, O LORD, AND I WILL LISTEN. MANY PEOPLE CRITICIZE THE HOLY REVOLUTIONARY ORDERS OF CATHOLIC TROTSKYISM, but out of those, the most intelligent critic is Robert Milnes, THE ANGEL OF PLAS. He deserveth the cchance to take on Catholic Trotskyism in a fair fight.

  3. Pam Pam October 4, 2010

    How interesting that Davis picks all the anti-prohibitions SHE seems worthy but leaves out the property rights of private businesses who wish to allow tobacco use on THEIR property. You can’t pick and’re either against ALL prohibitions or you stand for nothing.

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