Michael White: ‘Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say’

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Candidate for Governor of Illinois
Constitution Party
Contact: michael@illinois2010.com


Say What You Mean / Mean What You Say
Calling Out The Illinois Republican Party

“I’m going to end the old politics and corruption in Illinois . . . , I’m not part of the insider deals. As Governor I’m going to do what I’ve always done: Stand up for what I think is right.”
– Bill Brady, Republican Candidate for Governor

To secure ballot access in the November 2nd election, the Constitution Party obtained over 32,500* signatures only to be strong-armed by politics as usual when Republican attorneys filed objections to our nominating papers. The political and legal wrangling that ensued has accomplished nothing more than increase lawyer fees and waste Illinois taxpayer money. While the Constitution Party acknowledges the right of an individual to file an objection, we maintain that a voter’s right to choose a candidate is tantamount to a Free and Equal election.

The Constitution Party has demonstrated in good faith its honorable commitment to the ballot process. At this point, common sense must prevail and Illinois voters must be allowed to make their own decision. If status-quo politics continue, it will squander Illinois’ financial resources, limit voter choice and further encourage voter apathy.

For most in Illinois, there is little difference between “selling” a Senate seat and using Party coffers to eliminate voter choice. Now is the time for the Republican Party to “stand up” and demonstrate to the People of Illinois their commitment to end politics as usual by withdrawing their objections against Constitution Party’s Nominating Papers.

Supporting Information
ignature Requirements – 25,000 for New Party/Independent versus 5,000 for Republicans/Democratslinois Board of Elections http://www.elections.il.gov/

Lawyers for the Objectors are members of the Republican National Lawyers Association
John G. Fogarty, Jr., Law Office of John Fogarty, Jr.
Brien Sheahan, General Counsel, Illinois Republican Partyad the RNLA mission statement here – http://www.rnla.org/AboutRNLA.asp


9 thoughts on “Michael White: ‘Say What You Mean, Mean What You Say’

  1. Don Grundmann

    to Don ” The Fool ” Lake – Chelene Nightingale fuliflls the phrase ” Say What You Mean / Mean What You Say ” totally. YOU are the complete opposite as demonstrated by your non-stop lying about her in multiple forums. Her honor and integrity are of the highest degree. YOURS = less than zero. YOU are the ” nightmare.”

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Vice-Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party.

  2. Don g's lover not in debates

    Another constitutional member running for congress in CA Bill Lussenheide has been excluded in the August 19th debate with Mary Bono mack and dem candidate Steve Pougnet. The article said “it appears that 3rd party candidate Lussenheide has not raised much money nor ran a campaign. ah well, Nightingale got spanked big time by a writer for ventura, said she and her followers were like little children throwing fits and looking for attention. I laughed by ass off. Article was from the examiner. Said that Nightingale was no more than a fringer birther truther…not looking to really win just to make noise. says it all….um, don’t shoot the messenger…and Don Grunter will now say I am mark which I am not…poor losers….

  3. qqquit pickin on my peeps

    Why you pick on my 3 party peeps. As an unemployed panhandler I TO want to run as a third party candidate!! FREEDOM yup I am homeless so you see I love my freedom. Liberty?? yup! I wear no underwear so you see again I love my FREEdom! pick me pick me!! I can do it all ou haters kiss my cardboard box!!

  4. A Different Green Party Conservative

    Michael White should drop out and work within the Green Party. A Green Party activist Michael White could be a major asset to the reat reen Party candidate Rich Whitney, and mobilize the stron Green Party Conservative movement in Illinois, along with other great Green Party Conservative activists like Anthony Williams. Then in 2018, after Whitney’s two terms as governor, Green Party conservative Michael White could become the Green Party candidate for governor of Illinois and bring great Green Party conservative reforms like high-speed rail to the great Green Party state of Illinois.

  5. Don Grundmann

    ” Don g’s lover not in debates ” – Yes, Mark we know that it is you yet again writing notes to yourself and pretending to be another of your 1,000+ split personalities – all of them sick. Bill, as with Chelene and as compared to you virtually anyone, is of the highest integrity and honor. You? I must give credit to you, and your fellow rats Robinson and Noonan, for working diligently at your ” craft ” of being the most rat corrupt ultra liars that I know of.

    Don J. Grundmann, D.C. Vice-Chairman American Independent Party, California branch of the Constitution Party.

  6. qqquit pickin on my peeps

    Nightingale and sharron Angle should share a cell at the mental institution!! What a pair of nuts. Attention seeking dumb asses!!

  7. Prop 8 voted down in CA

    Doonie grundmann baby, Court strikes down prop 8 (prohit gays from marrying) Don Grundmann who hates gays must be writhing on the floor at mommies house!! Sorry Don baby, your hatred loses!

  8. Good luck ----- on the current corrupt system .... Lake

    Bush’s third term….


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    From : Toni Vafi


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