FL: Working from 9%, “The Other Guy” Focuses on Economy

Press release from Farid A. Khavari’s independent campaign for governor of Florida:

MIAMI, SEPTEMBER 2nd — A Rasmussen poll of 750 likely Florida voters yesterday shows Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink in a virtual dead heat for governor — with 9% of voters supporting “some other candidate” after independent Democrat Bud Chiles dropped from the race.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet that other candidate.

“The 9% wasn’t what caught my attention in that poll,” says Farid Khavari. “What really spoke to me was that 62% of voters consider the economy to be in ‘poor’ condition, and that 53% correctly assess it as getting worse, not better. I’m the candidate those voters are looking for.”

The centerpiece of Khavari’s platform is replacing Florida’s “private” banking sector with a state bank.

“The key to taking the economy back for Florida’s citizens is the finance sector,” says Khavari. “The banking collapse is a symptom of short-sightedness on the part of the so-called private sector, which acts like private business when the profits are rolling in, but attempts to shift its losses onto the back of the taxpayer.”

Khavari notes that North Dakota’s state bank, in existence since 1919, continues to outperform its private sector counterparts. “That’s because it’s accountable to the people over the long term instead of hell-bent on sucking its customers dry for short-term profits then gouging those same customers to recover its losses,” he says.

He believes that as his message gets out, the voters will respond. “I’m absolutely certain that more than 9% of Florida’s voters support keeping people in their homes and rebuilding a stable economy for all of us, instead of continuously ‘flipping’ those homes for quick profits and trucking the money to out-of-state banking concerns until everyone but the banks is underwater.”

As a matter of fact, he believes that a majority will agree with him on that. Now he just needs to reach them. Currently, 46 percent of all homes in Florida are underwater — the third highest rate in the nation and a figure that is expected to increase in coming months.

“Who’s going to serve their interests?” he asks. “Alex Sink is a career banker. We know what side her bread is buttered on. Rick Scott made his fortune on the same kind of fly-by-night deals that brought the banking industry to grief. The only difference is that his victims were medical patients instead of homeowners.”

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