American Party: ‘Our History’

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The American Party has been formulated under several incarnations. All have been fiercely loyal to America and its citizens. The movement originated in New York in 1843 as the American Republican Party. It spread to other states as the Native American Party and became a national party in 1845. In 1855 it renamed itself the American Party

Generally mischaracterized as “nativist” the party was organized to work against the idea of unbridled and uncontrolled immigration, feeling that just like anything else, the measured and orderly inclusion of other races, creeds, colors and nationalities was the proper methodology to grow the population and that immigrants should assimilate into the culture and take on the history of their adopted new land.

The American Party has its roots in the many secret orders that grew up in the 1840s. The Order of United Americans and the Order of the Star-spangled Banner came to be the most important. These organizations baffled political managers of the older parties, since efforts to learn something of the leaders or designs of the movement were futile; all their inquiries of supposed members were met with a statement to the effect that they knew nothing. Hence members were called “Know-Nothings.”

According to the Kentucky Encyclopedia, the American Party had about 50,000 followers in Kentucky by 1855. Many were former Whigs who feared that more immigrants like the Germans and Irish would upset the Compromise of 1850 and bring up the slavery issue again to cause a civil war. They were sure that Henry Clay’s defeat in 1844 was due to illegal immigrant voting in key states like New York.

Efforts were concentrated on electing only native-born Americans to office and on agitating for a 25-year residence qualification for citizenship.

The modern incarnation of the party began in 1969 at meetings first in Indianapolis and later Louisville. These consisted of representatives from the 49 groups along with the District of Columbia who were responsible for getting George Wallace of Alabama on state ballots. At first there were no representatives from the state of Alabama because in Alabama Wallace was the nominee of the state Democrat Party and was carried on their ballot line. Representatives from Alabama did attend the Louisville meeting.

The party ran Congressman John G. Schmitz of California and publisher and speaker Thomas J. Anderson of Tennessee as its national ticket in 1972 and got nearly 1,200,000 votes. The split in the party happened after this election and actually took place in, I think, 1973.

As a side note the American Party’s candidate for U.S. Senate from Florida, Dr. John Grady, received nearly 16% of the vote in 1974. This showing was so good that Dr. Grady left the party and ran for Senate as a republican in 1976. He got trounced. I fear that if we develop a successful candidate at the house or senate level that the Republicrats will try to peel them off. And Brian Melton of Virginia received 34% of the vote in a race for congress in, I believe, 1974.

Today, the American Party continues in the ideals of measured immigration by legal means, lower taxation, limited government, states’ rights and the kind of United States envisioned by the founding fathers.

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  1. Gene Berkman

    To clarify the modern history: The American Party was one of two national groupings of parties that had backed George Wallace in 1968.

    The other group was formed by William K Shearer of California, founder of The American Independent Party in California.

    The two groups came together in 1972 to run Congressman John Schmitz against Nixon, then split again after the election. Some of the parties associated with William Shearer’s group affiliated with the US Taxpayers Party in 1992 – now The Constitution Party.

  2. Catholic Trotskyist

    What did they split over? And is the American Party doing anything now? Who would a supporter of the American Party be likely to vote for these days?

  3. Gene Berkman

    “What did they split over?”
    Nothing important, I’m sure. But that is usually enough.

    “Who would a supporter of the American Party be likely to vote for these days?”
    During most of its existence, The American Party promoted positions similar to those of The John Birch Society, and members of The JBS were often involved in the party.

    Congressman John Schmitz was a member of The John Birch Society when he ran for President on The American Party ticket in 1972.

    He was later purged from The John Birch Society for extremism and for opposing Israel, after he visited Yasser Arafat. This was after he had returned to the Republican Party.

    In any case, former supporters of The American Party probably favor The Constitution Party.

  4. James O. Ogle "Joogle"

    There is really no such thing as “parties”, but actually individuals with a word(s) by their name.

    American is a good word.

    The whole idea that people with the same word by their name are a party, is self-destructive.

    What we have here is Paulie [Libertarian] attempting to appear “all party and independent”, but he is with the national Libertarian Party, and they are pretty much already set up to self destruct as usual, just as all parties in a two party plurality system.

    Except the two biggest ones, are big enough to pull off a win out of shear dead weight.

    The USA Parliament, Inc. has been set up since 1995, and we have the key, but it is very difficult to find people who will really want to invest their trust into a stack of ballots as proof.

    If anyone wants to try, we need you now, all you have to do is be willing to vote for better Cabinet members then what we have, and be willing to coordinate along the guidelines of 2011 and 2012, or else help improve the guidelines.

    Here’s where we need to fit in as an executive;

    I will help elect new names to be on the executive myself. With a vote from me a friend or two combined with mine, we elect new Prime Ministers as we have lost contact with all three Prime Ministers.

    If we don’t get better Prime Ministers soon, we’ll be looking at 2016 as the next national cycle.

    Monterey County is Gerald “Jerry” McCready [American Independent] country, he was a minister who ran for Governor out of Castroville, in Monterey County California, one of twelve counties belonging to the Central California Mini-state Parliament.

    Let’s roll! Opposite gender #1!

    It works really well, I’m even thinking of a Ruwart/Ogle [Libertarian/Free and Equal] ticket myself. But let the votes fall as they may.

    Here’s an idea, how about if all us males compete to run on her ticket, or some other female as #1?

  5. paulie Post author

    attempting to appear “all party and independent”

    I don’t attempt to appear as anything, my affiliation is not a secret. I do ballot access work and news coverage for a wide variety of alternative parties and independents. I’m a life member of the LP, and have been on a state committee several times. The last time I voted for individuals in a government election with party labels, it was for Libertarians. I’ve been a delegate to four national Libertarian conventions, and have been a registered voter with all kinds of different parties and as an independent as part of my job.

    Since membership is free, I’m also a member of the Boston Tea Party, and I also attended the last two Green Party presidential conventions as an observer. Prior to being involved in the LP, I was active in the Democratic Party. My most recent party ballot access contract was with the Constitution Party in April and May this year.

    None of this is any secret.

  6. Peter Gemma

    Nice to hear of the American Party again, but they haven’t been relevant for 30 years – no ballot status, national write-in candidates receive hundreds of votes, religious zealots keep the name on the rocks. Write-off another good label on an old bottle.

  7. James O. Ogle "Joogle"

    It sounds like everybody is ready to work together. If you want your name to automatically qualify for the Central California Parliament election, then you may want to be a Prime Minister who is simply asked to rank Cabinet members as a responsibility.

    You know, MP Mark Hinkle [Libertarian] lives in Monterey County (or Santa Clara, the county to the north of Monterey). And MP Lawrence Samuels [Libertarian] lives there, and is our national Economics Minister. His wife Jane Heider [Libertarian] is the ss11-6 secretary, along with MP Mike Bogatirev [Environmentalist] who speaks Russian BTW…

    It is such a small world after all, and everyone is invited to try being Prime Minister.

  8. paulie Post author

    @11, correction, I had a Green Party contract in May/June that was more recent than my Constitution Party contract in April/May and my most recent paid LP gig was Feb-Mar.

  9. Best We Can Do? [Lake]

    Peter Gemma // Oct 29, 2010:
    “Nice to hear of the American Party again, but they haven’t been relevant for 30 years – Write-off another good label ………..”

    [Lake: and does not bother to communicate with any one. When ya send a post card, the least a group can do is send it back!]

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