Florida: Richardson Assails Sink on Financial Disclosure

Here’s the latest press release from Farid Khavari’s independent campaign for governor of Florida. His running mate (and occasional IPR correspondent!), Darcy Richardson, weighs in on money and politics in the Sunshine State:


October 6 — In theory, “blind trusts” allow politicians to craft policy and enforce rules without regard to which side their bread might be buttered on.

“It’s a nice theory,” says Darcy Richardson, independent candidate for Lieutenant Governor, “but in reality blind trusts are far better at insulating politicians from public scrutiny than they are at protecting the public from self-serving politicians.”

One gets the distinct feeling that Richardson might have been staring directly at Democratic gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink if she’d been at the Rabbit Ridge Homeowner’s Association meeting in Jacksonville, where Richardson spoke to more than a dozen people on Tuesday evening.

“Sink would like us to believe that she has no idea how $9.2 million of her personal wealth is invested,” said Richardson, 54, of Jacksonville, who joined independent gubernatorial candidate Farid Khavari as his running mate last month.

“But while she may not have all the details, she certainly has a grasp of the general investment principles involved. It’s an incredible stretch to suggest that she has no idea how her actions as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer will affect that portfolio. The main effect of the blind trust is that her financial interests and their possible consequences are shielded from public view.”

“Sink’s trust isn’t truly blind and is more like one with impaired vision or possibly blind in only one eye,” quipped Richardson.

“Given that her blind trust is managed by her husband’s law partner and other longtime associates, it’s hardly reassuring to Florida taxpayers that she can now shield her substantial financial holdings from the public by listing her blind trust as part of her annual financial disclosure form,” said Richardson.

“While proclaiming to hold herself to a higher ethical standard, the CFO has, in effect, created a situation where there’s even greater uncertainty about possible conflicts of interest in her financial dealings.”

She’s being too clever by half, said Richardson.

Should wealthy Floridians be barred from public office, then? No, says Richardson, but he does want to see their finances locked away in the safest place possible during their terms of office.

That place? A general deposit account at the state bank Khavari has made the centerpiece of his campaign platform. “They won’t be able to play the stock market, but they’ll earn basic interest on their balance. Their fortunes will be tied to the fortunes of the state of Florida. That removes any incentive to sell the people of Florida short.”

16 thoughts on “Florida: Richardson Assails Sink on Financial Disclosure

  1. Robert Milnes

    Despite all his years of great political activism, Tom K. is going to be labeled as the person in the best position to understand and do something about PLAS in 2010-from his years of correspondence with me personally and others-yet drop the ball.
    I am at a loss to understand it. He seems bright & rational. Does arithmetic well. Knoweledgeable about history.
    Just doesn’t get it!

  2. Robert Milnes

    Democrats are laughing at Greens & libertarians. They keep getting all those millions of progressive votes.
    & millions of progressive campaign contribution $ too.
    & the Pauls are laughing too.
    The military contributed disproportionately in 2008 to Ron Paul. Didn’t that seem odd? Military voting anti-war?
    They weren’t contributing & voting anti-war. They understood Paul as a nationalist & theocratic. THAT’S what they voted for. The anti-war people were not able to see that, being grateful for any scrap of help they can get. Where they actually have the power in their own hands. But then on election day they vote for the democrat or the republican.
    & the power to really change things by voting correctly, finally slips through their hands, like so much dry sand.
    Dreams to dust each and every voting cycle.

  3. Thomas L. Knapp Post author


    My years of political activism are behind me*. Any electoral political work I do now is either cash-and-carry or for reasons of personal friendship.

    I’m not sure what the hell that, or PLAS, has to do with this press release.

    PLAS might have been an interesting strategy in Florida, especially given the removal of the Libertarian candidate from the ballot, but I don’t see it happening for two reasons:

    – The ideological disagreements that are probably insuperable. The centerpiece of Khavari/Richardson’s platform is establishment of a state bank, and that idea probably isn’t going to fly with very many partisan Libertarians.

    – There’s not much love lost between the now non-balloted LP gubernatorial candidate, John Wayne Smith, and Khavari’s running mate, Darcy Richardson.

    I guess it wouldn’t hurt to ask Khavari/Richardson to appeal for Libertarian support, or to ask Smith to endorse Khavari/Richardson, though! The worst they can say is “no,” possibly with some expletives around it.


    * My years of anti-political activism just started and will kick into a higher gear about 27 days from now.

    I guess by some lights my next project (official launch the evening of November 2nd — listen to the Internet talk show “Thinking Liberty” that evening for details) might still be considered “political,” and it will definitely be independent, so maybe IPR will choose to cover it.

  4. Robert Milnes

    What is this next project of yours? Or do you prefer to leave it at the tease & tune in to the internet talk show on Nov. 2?
    You are making PLAS unnecessarily complicated. Khavari/Richardson call a press conference & announce a PLAS campaign. They ask for libertarian & progressive support. They note that the lib has been removed & there is-evidently-no Green/progressive candidate.
    There should be a spike in their polling.

  5. Thomas L. Knapp Post author


    You write:

    “You are making PLAS unnecessarily complicated. Khavari/Richardson call a press conference & announce a PLAS campaign. They ask for libertarian & progressive support. They note that the lib has been removed & there is-evidently-no Green/progressive candidate.”

    Sounds good to me.

    “There should be a spike in their polling.”

    That would be interesting, if it can be measured (I’m not sure what polling, if any, has included them yet).

  6. Thomas L. Knapp Post author


    You write:

    “What is this next project of yours? Or do you prefer to leave it at the tease & tune in to the internet talk show on Nov. 2?”

    I’m keeping at the “tease” level for the moment because there’s a time and a place for everything.

    The time is the evening of November 2nd, which you’ll notice is the end of the 2010 election cycle, and therefore the beginning of the 2012 election cycle, so it would be both plausible and correct to speculate that my next project is related to one, the other or both.

    As far as place, well, X marks the spot. There will be at least one radio and/or Internet radio interview that day, as well as press releases and web site launches and such.

    Some other people know some details; if there are “leaks” I won’t lose any sleep over it. But I’d rather roll it out in a timely manner, which means not very early or too late.

  7. Darcy G. Richardson

    While I agree with Bob’s assertion that dreams seem to turn to dust with every election cycle and concur with Tom Knapp’s belief that “anti-political activism” might be the answer come November 2nd, I’ve been quietly reaching out to Greens and Libertarians alike in this campaign, but will double my efforts going forward.

    Hope is all that we have left…

  8. Robert Milnes

    OK, everybody. My bathroom sink spring a leak last night. There is water all over the bathroom. I put buckets under it but it is spraying all over. There is no way to shut it off except to shut off the main. There is SUPPOSED to be a shut off valve under the sink but like i said the previous owners were drug addicts-copper pipes gone.
    As if tat weren’t enough. That happened about 3am. About 6am all my ppower went off. I called public servicev & I owe them but they said they didn’t shut it off. I tried resetting the circuit breaker twice. Nothing. It may bethemain breaker burned out. This place is 50 years old.
    So I’m typing on battery power & led maglight. The sun is going down soon so my solar is screwed.
    I’d appreciate any help.

  9. Robert Milnes

    NF, no, this may be the opportunity to try PLAS & see what happens.
    Darcy, call a press conference & send out a press statement.
    You request all libertarian & progressive voters to vote for your ticket. Since there is no LIB. & no progressive/Green running against you.

  10. Robert Milnes

    HA! this reminds me of the 50’s sci fi movie where these giant rodents were attacking these scientists. & one guy stayed at his typewriter till they got him.

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