6 thoughts on “Indianapolis Star Endorses Libertarian Chard Reid for U.S. Congress

  1. George Whitfield

    Congratulations Chard Reid on the endorsement. I have a question for the historians and those with excellent memories. Has a Libertarian congressional candidate ever received a major newspaper endorsement before?

  2. Be Rational

    To be honest, the editorial at the link says that the Democrat and Republican snubbed the editorial board. The writer then goes on to priase both the Libertarian and the independent candidate.

  3. Indy Libertarian

    The Indianapolis Star has never endorsed a Libertarian before. It’s the type of newspaper that only endorses candidates it thinks will win.

  4. Sane LP member

    MAJOR newspaper endorsement.
    Only ones I know of are this year. Indy as mentioned above and in Ohio for Ohio Treasurer. Never heard of anyone for Congress from a MAJOR newspaper. Ed Clark for President got some endorsements from small newspapers back in 1980. THE WORM is turning.

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