Matt Gonzalez Endorses Republican John Dennis in CA-08

Matt Gonzalez has a colorful history as a third party candidate. He is the former President of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors as a Green. In addition, in 2003 he ran against Gavin Newsom for Mayor, losing a hotly contested race. In 2008 Gonzalez left the Green Party, joining Nader to run on his presidential ticket.

Despite this third party activism, Gonzalez is jumping way across partisan lines with his latest endorsement. Fog City Journal posted an open letter from Gonzalez to Nancy Pelosi. While the entire piece is worth a read, here is an excerpt:

I believe your refusal to debate [Republican] John Dennis should be openly met with the same disdain you have for public debates. I intend to vote for John Dennis and I will encourage everyone I know to do the same. No candidate who refuses to debate his or her opponent deserves the support of anyone, particularly after a history of failed leadership, such as the one you have exhibited. To do otherwise, is to sanction your refusal and encourage similar behavior by other elected representatives.

To be sure, I do not agree with all of John Dennis’ views, nor he with mine.  But on the most pressing issues facing our country today, I believe we have more points of agreement (then you or I) and I respect his willingness to publicly defend those views.

The endorsement was not entirely unexpected, as Gonzalez also attended an anti-war rally with Dennis last month.

Other progressive activists have shown similar stances towards the Republican. Cindy Sheehan, a recent Peace & Freedom Party convert who posted a double-digit showing against Pelosi as an Independent in 2008, recently stated that, “He is a good person who is truly antiwar and truly wants to make the world a better place.”

Dennis is also endorsed by Republican Representative Ron Paul, the LP’s presidential candidate in 1988.

17 thoughts on “Matt Gonzalez Endorses Republican John Dennis in CA-08

  1. gerry

    Sorry, gonna be a few more years before I could ever trust any Republican in power again.

    And to save everyone the trouble of typing, I’m quite familiar with the “false left/right paradigm” meme.

  2. John The Diver

    Open your eyes and evaluate the man not the party…. John Dennis is no cookie cutter republican He is the type to help us break the left / right paradygm Nancy Pelosi is for the War and against our rights as a people Stop the war stop the maddness Vot e for John Dennis!

  3. Catholic Trotskyist

    The Catholic Trotskyist Party of America also endorses John Dennis. Nancy Pelosi has been a terrible leader; she is not even really a Democrat, but is instead a spy for the Ralph Nader/Mike Kavlan/Mark Seidenberg/Wayne Root/Republican Party New World Order Control Conspiracy, and is tryign to destroy Democratic Party from within. Republicans only pretend to hate her; those in the know really love her.

  4. Catholic Trotskyist

    On the other hand, I do think Gonzales should be supporting Robert Milnes’s PLAS strategy instead. He truly has nothing to lose.

    Welcome to the Crazy Losers Club Matt and John.

  5. Steve

    Wouldn’t this be a PLAS already? Matt Gonzalez is a progressive and John Dennis a small-l libertarian. Paging Bob Milnes, get to San Francisco stat and get your fellow street people out to vote for John! : )

  6. Robert Milnes

    CT, thank you for the “On the other hand…” about face from endorsing Dennis to endorsing PLAS
    Steve, this is almost PLS. PLAS is trying to get LP & GP candidates elected, not republicans or RINOs or LINOs. Also PLAS understands Ron Paul as an anti-war nationalist counterrevolutionary. We should not support nationalism or counterrevolution even if it has an anti war element. The rest of the baggage is not worth it.

  7. Robert Milnes

    This is just another example of Matt Gonzales basically not understanding revolutionary/progressive politics & not knowing what he is doing.
    He ruined Nader’s possible winning fusion ticket in 2008.

  8. Dennis

    @ 7,
    As a Nader 2008 volunteer I can tell you that Gonzalez was one of the tickets strong-points! We never expected to win, tho.

  9. gerry

    @ Jeff I don’t think he’s a neo-con. I will not trust a Republican of any stripe.

    He will either buck the party and be completly ineffectual like Ron Paul or he will advance the Republican agenda.

  10. Deran

    Mr. Milness, for you to use the word “moron” and not be specifically talking abt yourself is false conciousness.

  11. Dennis


    First off, do you really think that America was going to elect someone who had run for president three other times, during a total media blackout of his campaign?

    Nader got 738,475. The Libertarians got 523,686. So let assume that, in your ideal scenario, Nader gets all his original supporters (we will pretend that nobody is turned off by the fact he would have a libertarian running-mate) plus everybody who voted for Barr (we will pretend they were willing to vote progressive). That means add 738,475 and 523,686. That would be 1, 262, 161. They still lose!

    Your also forgetting that, originally, the losing candidate became vice-president. The reason they did away with this was partly because having a liberal president and conservative VP often meant nothing got done.

  12. Delores

    A cocker spaniel would be better than Nancy Pelosi. For the love of God, it’s for only 2 years!

  13. paulie

    A cocker spaniel would be better than virtually every politician in office, and better than any aspiring politician with a significant chance of being elected.

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