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Libertarian Party Attends the Rally to Restore Sanity

Kyle at Libertarian Party blog:

On October 30th, Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert and John Stewart held an unusual rally on the National Mall. The Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear was a strange mixture of political comedy and commentary. While the specific goal of the rally was somewhat ambiguous in the weeks leading up to the event, we took it as a golden opportunity to interact with thousands of attendees and spread the message of liberty.

In preparation for the rally, we had the tops cut off of the LP door hangers to create simple flyers. The general reaction from the crowd was mixed. While some people were interested in taking the World’s Smallest Political Quiz and learning more about libertarianism, many were not. Overall, the positive reactions that we did recieve made our attendence worthwhile.

LP members Kyle Hartz and Stephen Palubinsky were also interviewed by The video can be found below:

Travis Irvine, the Libertarian candidate for Ohio’s 12th congressional district, also attended the rally. At the rally, they shot their new video ‘In Love with Libertarians’

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  1. paulie paulie November 2, 2010

    Speaking of stooges

  2. NewFederalist NewFederalist November 1, 2010

    LOL! He is one of the three stooges who post here.

  3. Hmmm ... Hmmm ... November 1, 2010

    “I wrote letters to MPs Jon Stewart … and Stephen Colbert …back in 2008 that they had been elected to The USA Parliament, Inc., but they never responded.”

    … could be, mr magooooogle, that they think you are tooooo looooony to write tooooo …

  4. I posted the following information in this forum several weeks ago, but it never was released;

    I wrote letters to MPs Jon Stewart [Comedy Central] and Stephen Colbert [Comedy Central]
    back in 2008 that they had been elected to The USA Parliament, Inc., but they never responded.

    If anyone knows what party/category they proclaim to be with, please email me, so I can update the web page. If they wish to “stand down”, the next highest name will automatically be elected in their stead.

    Join the Frees,
    opposite gender #1!

    It’s like they’re mouthpieces to the media, and can’t respond to a simple request, like “please vote for Prime Minister, Secretary and rules”.

    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]
    “Why do you THINK they called it Google?”

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