Good news for Libertarians in NY

from Ballot Access News
New York City Final Official Vote Count is 17% Higher than Election Night Tally

December 2nd, 2010

New York state is still tallying the official results for the November 2, 2010.  However, the New York city Board of Elections has just finished its tally.  According to this story, its final official count of the number of votes cast is 17% higher than the total reported a few days after the election.

This news is good news for the Libertarian Party.  The odds that the party polled at least 50,000 votes for Governor are now considerably better.

13 thoughts on “Good news for Libertarians in NY

  1. pete healey

    The final results could come any time. Results are almost always in by this time, but of course there are two unfinished State Senate races that will determine which of the two parties controls that house of the legislature. All resources are going into that business just now but the final numbers may just turn up along with those results. The state board of elections here is like that.

  2. Dr. Tom Stevens

    I still feel it is highly unlikely the LP will obtain the required 50,000 votes. Of course, I could be wrong. Time will tell.

  3. paulie

    This news is good news for the Libertarian Party. The odds that the party polled at least 50,000 votes for Governor are now considerably better.

    Encouraging news!

  4. Dr. Tom Stevens

    It is big news here in New York State with the #1 and #2 largest chapters fighting and now the largest gay libertarian group in New York has come out accusing the New York Libertarian Party of anti-gay and anti-Muslim bias and discrimination.

  5. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Mark Axinn, NYLP Chair, reported the following today:

    The Board of Elections has ceritfied the total votes cast for Libertarian candidates Warren Redlich and Alden Link at 48,386–only 1614 shy of the 50,000 required for ballot status.

  6. Dr. Tom Stevens

    Re: 10

    You know who has been saying the LP in New York getting 50,000 votes was still “very possible” and “possible” and “looking good” etc. but I have been very consistent in my political evaluation that the votes were just not there to achieve that vote total.

    I don’t expect recognition in this regard but I have been mostly accurate in the predictions I have made based upon my political expertise. Others have not been as accurate.

  7. Eric Sundwall

    Despite the fact we had to contend with three additional efforts that might take from the ‘liberty’ vote (ie APP, Freedom & Taxpayer parties) & the side freak show that became Jimmy Mcmillan, the LPNY got 11K more votes than the last four efforts combined.

    The addition of Sloan’s frivolous lawsuits and Stone’s vicious mailing inspired by the former, lens itself to a future model that could bring success. If the state and national party can stick with it, a lawsuit might also be in the works given the over count discrepancy that being on the same line as Barron’s party may have caused.

    Of course if the great and wise Stevens can lead everyone to the promised land in 2014, he’s welcome to try with his Objectivist canard. His candidate in 2006 got just under 15K.

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