Freedom Socialist Party video: The Communist “Manifestoon”

Posted at (the website of the Freedom Socialist Party): This video uses excerpts from old cartoons to accompany the reading of Karl Marx’s Manifesto and to help “explain” his ideas using humor.

6 thoughts on “Freedom Socialist Party video: The Communist “Manifestoon”

  1. Bryan

    The concept itself.

    But also realizing how many of these ‘toons had some amount of political “speak” in them. I remembered a fair number of these from my youth, in the sixties. After giving it some more thought, I can think of a few others that were just as politically oriented.


  2. paulie Post author

    Yes, that’s a pretty interesting approach they took to making the video.

    Anyone know of a similar effort made for any other ideology or influential political book that forms a kind of manifesto of one?

  3. Peter M.

    Just a comment, I don’t think this video was put out by the FSP themselves. It’s been floating around the internet and the left for a while.

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