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Help share our stories on facebook, twitter and other social networks

I’ve recently added a plugin that provides icons that quickly take you to various social networks including facebook, twitter and others to share our stories. You can do this not just with the new stories that are being posted now, but with old stories all the way back to when the site started on May 20, 2008. I am asking for all our readers to help by using these icons to share as many of our stories as you can with as many networks as possible. As a reminder, you can also friend us on facebook (the group now has an automated feed of IPR stories; please “like” and “share” frequently) and twitter.

Our blogtalk radio account will be limited to no more than one 30-minute non prime time show per week starting tomorrow, unless someone would like to upgrade us to a premium account. I haven’t checked to see how much that would actually cost yet.

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  1. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson February 1, 2011

    I heard a recent report that anything published by anyone on Facebook becomes the property of Facebook. Does anyone know if there is any truth to that?

  2. Funky Chicken Funky Chicken February 1, 2011

    True, but largely irrelevant in this case, since what gets shared is not the whole article, just a few short sentences and a title. On the downside is that it does help facebook keep track of your reading habits, but lots of people habitually share stuff on facebook all the time anyway, so they may as well share IPR’s stuff while they are at it.

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