Alabama Ballot Access Bill Introduced

Ballot Access News:

Senator Cam Ward (R-Alabaster) has introduced SB 17. It lowers the number of signatures for statewide independent candidates from 3% of the last gubernatorial vote, to 1.5% of the last gubernatorial vote. It makes no change to the procedures for new or previously unqualified parties. Also, it has no effect on the independent presidential candidate petition, which is already substantially easier than the procedures for independent candidates for other office. And it has no effect on independent candidates for district or county office.

Alabama and New Mexico are tied for having the most severe petition requirements for statewide non-presidential independent candidates. Those two states are the only two states in which the statewide independent non-presidential petition is greater than 2% of the last vote cast. Since Alabama set this requirement at 3% in 1995, no independent candidate for statewide office has ever used the requirement. Thanks to Joshua Cassity for the news.

In the BAN comments, Josh Cassity says

I have exchanged several emails with Sen. Ward. He has assured me that the bill will be amended to include minor/third parties and legislator races. There is some reluctance to include county races at this time. Sen. Ward is not opposed to county access but states the bill would lose some support doing so.

This is my first post on ballot access but I urge you all to work with Sen. Ward. With expected opposition from both duopolies, Sen. Ward has asked for support in lobbying the committee members. I will post this list shortly with phone numbers and emails.

Thank you,

Joshua Cassity
Constitution party of Alabama

If anyone is interested in helping us lobby for this bill:


ALabama Senate Constitution Commitee

Text of 2010 bill (.pdf) containing the more expanded provision by way of Mike Rster at Independent Alabama.

The 2011 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature shall commence at Noon, on the first Tuesday of March, 2011. A Regular Session may consist of no more than 30 Legislative Days within the framework of a 105-calendar day period.

Independent Alabama is planning on having a meeting soon, although no definite date has been set.

5 thoughts on “Alabama Ballot Access Bill Introduced

  1. Darryl W. Perry

    I’d like to encourage someone from Alabama to contact Sen. Ward and request an amendment lowering the 20% vote requirement for a political party to retain ballot access.

  2. paulie Post author


    Cam is on that, but he’s trying to tackle one piece at a time because there is resistance and he is trying to be strategic…it would be better to pass some improvements than none.

  3. paulie Post author

    Keep in mind that anyone with an interest in this can help us lobby the legislature, including people in other states who belong to parties that would like to be on as many state ballots as possible, or even non-partisan people in any state who believe as many people in as many states as possible should have more choices on the ballot.

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