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Richard Cooper: Theorist Who Influenced Egypt’s Revolution, A Look Back

by Richard Cooper at…submitted to IPR by the author

The writings of Gene Sharp and his Albert Einstein Institute reportedly influenced the young people who organized the mostly non-violent revolution in Egypt. Back in 1982, I reviewed one of his books, Social Power and Political Freedom.

It may be interesting to take another look at what I wrote back then. It was published in some newspapers and newsletters, such as the Long Beach Independent Voice (Long Beach, NY, USA) . Without rereading this book as well as The Politics of Nonviolent Action (1973) which I also possess, I could not say whether my reactions to the book would be the same. I do know that my writing style has changed, having learned to write in a more direct and less pedantic fashion. It wasn’t surprising to be pedantic as I was then a relatively recent university graduate (Columbia 1979).

I mentioned Robert Nisbet, who was my academic advisor at Columbia and economist Murray Rothbard who published much of my early work.Those were the days of writing manuscripts with a typewriter on paper, and distributing carbon or photocopies. A different world.

The review follows. Read at original site.

About the author: Richard Cooper is an international trade executive with a manufacturing firm on Long Island, New York, USA. He is active in the Libertarian Party on eminent domain and other issues. He was chair of the Libertarian Party of New York He is a life member of the International Society for Individual Liberty


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