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Editorial by Greensboro NC News & Record: Ballot Access Too Strict

From an editorial by the News & Record, of Greensboro NC:

Voters deserve choices at the polls, but not too many, the N.C. Supreme Court said in a disappointing ruling last week.

The 5-1 decision denied the state Libertarian Party’s challenge to North Carolina’s strict ballot-access law.

Oh, but the law isn’t really so strict, the court said. After all, the Libertarian Party has surmounted the obstacles and earned a place on the ballot, the opinion, authored by Justice Patricia Timmons-Goodson, noted.

Read the rest here.


  1. Chris Cole Chris Cole March 18, 2011

    That should be the GreensBORO News and Record.

  2. Harry V. Joiner Harry V. Joiner March 18, 2011

    Ballot access barriers are too damn high!

  3. Michael H. Wilson Michael H. Wilson March 18, 2011

    “Judicial elections are nonpartisan, which means the ballot is accessible to any registered voter (as long as he or she is a licensed attorney).”

    I wonder what the requirements are for getting a license and whether Abe Lincoln would have qualified in his day? After all licensing is meant to keep the competition down and has nothing to do with protecting consumers. Legal discrimination!

  4. Porn Again Christian Porn Again Christian March 19, 2011

    You can vote for any party you long as it’s Democrat or Republican?

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