LP of Nevada’s David Colborne seeks input from IPR readers regarding the proper functioning and growth of county affiliates

Sent to IPR by David Colborne:

The Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Nevada is happy to announce that it will be hosting its first meeting since it was elected on January 29th. Here’s the agenda:

Libertarian Party of Nevada
Executive Committee Meeting

Friday, March 25th, 2011

Call-in Number: (702) 851-4044
Access Code: 1776
Please announce your presence when you enter.


Call to Order: 7:55pm

Adoption of Agenda

Chairman – Joe Silvestri
Vice-Chairman – Wayne Allyn Root
Secretary – Kris McKinster
Treasurer – Michael McAuliffe
Northern Regional Representative – David Colborne
Central Regional Representative – Sandy Darby
Southern Regional Representative – Chris Roberts
At-Large Representative – Irv Hopkins

• County affiliates
• Schedule next meeting – ____ ___________2011 @

New Business:


Note that the only business item of consequence is “county affiliates”. Consequently, if anybody out there has any insight that they wish to share with the Libertarian Party of Nevada regarding the proper functioning and growth of county affiliates, this Friday would be a good time to speak up. Or, if you’re reading this on IPR, toss in your input in the comment section. Rest assured somebody will be along to relay the best ideas to the rest of the Executive Committee at Friday’s meeting.

54 thoughts on “LP of Nevada’s David Colborne seeks input from IPR readers regarding the proper functioning and growth of county affiliates

  1. David Colborne

    Well, more accurately, David Colborne, Northern Regional Representative for the Libertarian Party of Nevada, seeks input from IPR readers. I don’t want to be accused of speaking for the entire Executive Committee or anything. Other members of the Ex Comm might get a little touchy if I don’t clear that up.

  2. LibertarianGirl

    Btw almost 2 months and 4 emails(from me) later , Clark County LP Chair , Kris McKinster finally responded — he made a welcome post to the new excom ( way late dude) and said we gotta have a meeting in 2 weeks or we are violating bylaws…
    nothing like hitting the ground sleeping…

    our business meeting is directly prior to yours David

  3. David Colborne

    Good to know. Because I’m the humble sort and enjoy taking the high road, I’d like to note that, since January 29, the NVCLP has hosted three Sam Adams Nights, including two back-to-back this month, and held at least two Executive Committee meetings by phone. We’re also in the process of getting reservations going in South Lake Tahoe for the Friday night preceding the LP-California convention and poring over the event listing for our three counties this year to determine where we’re going to reserve booth space. Oh yes, and that doesn’t include our plans for April 15th, which are still in the air, nor does it include the three unpaid lobbyists we have hitting the Nevada Legislature this year.

    The best part is we’re actually disappointed in how little we’ve accomplished so far.

  4. John Jay Myers

    You should form a committee that would put together a county chairs handbook. I put this together but it’s important to note that your state laws may vary:

    You should decide if you want to make a template site that new affiliates can just fill in and let them piggy back on the state site. I would suggest having it to where requests for info can go to both the state and county, and that links on the site represent both. Of course if they choose not to piggy back that is a moot point.

    Analyze what counties you have and find out if you have any strong members in those counties. Force them via any means necessary to become the county chair.

    (just seeing if you are paying attention)
    Of course encourage them to get a Facebook site or possibly a meetup.

    Start advertising (sending emails) that you are looking for people to take on roles, but that you will help them through the process. You could honestly be a county chair and only spend 14 hours a year doing the gig, it would be nice if someone wanted to give more time than that, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    County chairs mean normally picking up an ex-com which means each county will have at least 4 members, and each of them have friends and family, when they actively seek out candidates those candidates and their friends and families start hearing the message. People who liked a candidate will like the party and so on.

    My 2 cents take it for what it is worth.

  5. LibertarianGirl

    Im pretty sure Angy hosted our Sam Adams which was held anyways w/o , of course , being an official thing or being mentioned on FB , MySpace or anything…

  6. paulie Post author

    JJM, they don’t have that many counties,
    especially with any size population and decent sized towns.

  7. paulie Post author

    2006 estimates:

    Clark County total population – 1,777,539
    Washoe County total population – 396,428
    Carson City County total population – 55,289
    Lyon County total population – 51,231
    Elko County total population – 47,114
    Douglas County total population – 45,909
    Nye County total population – 42,693
    Churchill County total population – 25,036
    Humboldt County total population – 17,446
    White Pine County total population – 9,150
    Pershing County total population – 6,414
    Lander County total population – 5,272
    Mineral County total population – 4,868
    Lincoln County total population – 4,738
    Storey County total population – 4,132
    Eureka County total population – 1,48
    Esmeralda County total population – 790

  8. David Colborne

    Site: Bookmarked!
    State site: A bit of a basketcase at the moment. You can check out the existing state site here:


    Being the IT grunt that I am, I figured I could do better for our affiliate, so this is what I came up with:


    Presentation-wise, it’s at best a lateral direction, but Google Apps gives us some nice features for free that we’re not shy about using (calendar, proper blog support, file support, e-mail groups, etc.). It beat the pants out of the bastardized Drupal setup that we had and were paying $8/month for, which I set up a couple years back.

    (Yes, yes – like most IT types, I’m never satisfied.)

    That said, I’m not particularly picky. Google Apps is easy enough to throw something together with; then again, so is the site National gave State. Both cost the same – nothing. Heinlein, eat your heart out.

    Chair: The good news is we have some strength in the counties that are presently affiliated. The bad news is the rest of the state is “off the grid”. Of course, a big part of that is due to the rural, spread-out nature of our state; 95% of the population of Nevada is either in or near Las Vegas or Reno. The worst news is one of our “county” affiliates actually spans three counties (that’d be mine), which has presented some logistical issues over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough members in either of the three counties to split it up. We’re working on that, though.

  9. peace & love

    with Mr.Root as vice chair can’t you see the party growing ??? Best pick Nevada could make … Or not I plan to be first on that call

  10. David Colborne

    To put Paulie’s numbers into context, we currently have 92% of Nevada living within the boundaries of a county affiliate:

    Clark County Libertarian Party
    Clark County total population – 1,777,539

    Nye County Libertarian Party
    Nye County total population – 42,693

    Nevada Capital Libertarian Party
    Washoe County total population – 396,428
    Carson City County total population – 55,289
    Douglas County total population – 45,909

    Our three-fer up north was due to having insufficient membership in either of those counties individually to support an affiliate (we like to have at least 10 in the area, if possible), yet they’re close enough where they (we) can credibly function as a single affiliate.

  11. LibertarianGirl

    noone… i was saying it merely in speculation that if the LPNevada Chair meant deaffiliation for the counties when he lists county affiliates for a business item , i would not be surprised in the least , not that he is in fact doing that

  12. David Colborne

    @paulie: State bylaws prohibit us from including more than three counties in an affiliate. Otherwise, those two counties would be natural fits. Personally, I suspect that, if Washoe went its own way, Carson and Douglas might adopt a county to boost membership numbers.

    @LG: I sincerely hope your hunch is misguided. We were already de-affiliated up here in 2006; it took us three years to fix that.

  13. David Colborne

    The only way Clark is getting de-affiliated is if brain slugs infect the entire Ex Comm. Seriously, without Clark, it’s almost mathematically impossible to guarantee ballot access. We’re better off having a dormant “affiliate” down there that occasionally tosses candidates on the ballot than we are getting particular about their policies and procedures. Heck, we won ballot access last round from a County Recorder position down there.

    I would like to see a little more activity on their Meetup and Facebook portals, though.

  14. Jim Duensing

    Perhaps the Clark County LP would follow the lead of our Nye affiliate and run serious quality candidates for city council, mayor, and county commission. I believe Mike Darby, the Chair of the Pahrump Town Board is one of the nation’s highest elected Libertarians.

    Local affiliates should focus on local winnable races. It has been working for the Nye County Libertarian Party. It would work in Clark County.

    The big mayor’s race would have been a great opportunity to talk about real practical Libertarian solutions to our local problems.

    In Liberty, with Eternal Vigilance,

    Jim Duensing

  15. paulie Post author

    Jim, did your show time change?

    If I’m going to moderate a forum it will need to be no later than this Friday.

  16. Jim Duensing

    The show on YBS has been cancelled. I’m in the process of starting up a new radio broadcast with some fellow Sons of Liberty here in Sin City.

    Go to http://www.LasVegasLibertyClub.com for more info on our meetings and activities. And for the live stream when it becomes available!

    In Liberty, with Eternal Vigilance,

    Jim Duensing

  17. paulie Post author

    Hmmm. Well, the only other suggestion I’ve seen for a place for a forum is Todd Barnett’s show. I guess he would be the moderator then, if you all want to do that.

  18. paulie Post author

    Via Saving Brothels facebook group:

    Paulie Cannoli
    Maybe this could help the LP get county affiliates in some of the rural counties

    Debra Dedmon thats a great idea
    4 hours ago · Like

  19. Lucy Chronicles

    Storey & Lyon counties are a quick 5 minute run outside of Carson City, NV and could EASILY be affiliated w/ existing folks registered as LP party voters. Fernley, Fallon and Virginia city together are close to 40K people.

    We should follow Nye’s lead. However as David pointed out, we can’t really go w/o Clark/Vegas given the ballot access issue.

    Who the hell knows what Silvestri et al have cooked up but prepare folks, prepare given what we saw em’ pull outta’ their BUTTS this past January!

    What TIME is Call-in folks?

  20. Kevin Knedler

    In Ohio LP, I pushed the notion that we had to build the organization before we could really help any candidates. But, we had to do it at both the top and the county level. In reality, we built the top first, in order for them to guide the local affiliates in a consistent manner. It took about two years to get the top reorganized, as you see it today. During that period, I also wanted to have a “field development” division. It would be our “sales” team of regional and local grass root activists. Their task would be to help develope local parties and also candidates. It has taken about 3 years for this to take off. Frankly, this one was tougher to get off the ground. The state party laid out the parameters, but the actual work is done locally. That is the reason for the additional difficulty in finding true local leaders.

    What does it take?
    Leadership and leadership development of a team.
    Building an organization and insuring the correct people are on point–at state and regional level.
    Relentless persistence ! As stated, the Ohio process started in 2007 and we are still building.
    For details, go to http://www.lpo.org and click on left menu button, “Organization Contacts”. It works for us and is building future leaders.

  21. LibertarianGirl

    I would like to see a little more activity on their Meetup and Facebook portals, though….

    me_ Im the only one who ever posts anything on there and if you check them , you’ll see me begging anyone for info , lol , seriously tho , it’s not funny , just sad

    and yes Jim , Nye County is kicking ass , thats what in my report at convention and its still true . I expect y’all will do great this year

  22. LibertarianGirl

    JD_Jim Duensing // Mar 22, 2011 at 12:13 am

    Perhaps the Clark County LP would follow the lead of our Nye affiliate and run serious quality candidates for city council, mayor, and county commission. I believe Mike Darby, the Chair of the Pahrump Town Board is one of the nation’s highest elected Libertarians.

    Local affiliates should focus on local winnable races. It has been working for the Nye County Libertarian Party. It would work in Clark County.

    The big mayor’s race would have been a great opportunity to talk about real practical Libertarian solutions to our local problems.

    In Liberty, with Eternal Vigilance,

    Jim Duensing

    me_ oh stop with the practical , doable advice Jim , you know McKinster wont do anything , but in honor of you and others at Clark Counties excom meeting I will bring that up as well as other “business” even tho Kris says the only business will be pickin a meeting time for in person and at the same time saving ourselves from violating bylaws…

    ill post CCLP meeting info too for y’all that need help sleeping…


  23. paulie Post author

    Mentioned this on facebook, but I may as well mention it here too.

    Libertarians for Saving Nevada Brothels could help with getting some of the rural counties organized.

  24. LibertarianGirl

    The meeting will be held via teleconference, at which time we can hear
    motions to secure a meeting location to meet soon in person. 702-851-4044
    conference #7476

    Again, the meeting is March 25, 6pm, on teleconference 702-851-4044
    conference #7476

    Kris McKinster

    me_ its strange because every other phone conference has had the conf. # 1776 , so if by accident the number Kris listed dont work , Id try 1776 , Im gonna try and get some business addressed other than just picking a freaking in person meeting day and time. Number 1 , what will be the protocol for motions…LOL

  25. LibertarianGirl

    Colbornes Officer Report , the only 1 so far – last term it was mandatory to submit report… anyways

    I’d like to start this report by greeting all of the new faces in the Executive Committee. Some of you I’ve met, some of you I haven’t; whatever the case may be, I look forward to working with each and every one of you over the next couple of years. Rest assured, we in the cold, snowy, slowly thawing north stand ready to advance the cause of liberty and the Libertarian Party this year and beyond.

    I’m proud to announce that, over the past couple of months, we have maintained a solid level of activity. All dues-paying members of the National LP have been called at least once by a member of our affiliate regarding an upcoming event or two within the past three months, and all dues-paying members of the national LP have been added to our e-mail broadcast list. So far, we are proud to report that we haven’t received a single request to unsubscribe from our e-mail list; in fact, I personally received several congratulatory e-mails from dues paying Libertarians that were happy to see there was local party activity in their area. On the event front, this month was the first month in NVCLP history that we held scheduled events in two separate counties in the same month; our goal is to hold separate, regularly scheduled events in each of the three counties that constitute the NVCLP each and every month. These events will be in addition to any special events in our area, including tax protests, neighboring state conventions, or just manning booths wherever we can find some space.

    I am also proud to announce that members of the NVCLP are using their geographical proximity to the Nevada Legislature to good use. We currently have two registered unpaid lobbyists representing us in the Nevada Legislature – Thomas Cornell, who is also the NVCLP Secretary, and Jim Cooley, who also doubles as the NVCLP Vice-Chair. They are both registered with the state and are both putting in considerable time and energy into keeping us abreast of what’s on the legislative docket this session. Rowan Wilson, NVCLP Treasurer, has also been roaming the halls of the Legislature as well, though I didn’t see her name listed as an officially registered lobbyist the last time I checked. Two of the worst bills facing the Legislature today that our lobbyists have asked me to highlight in my report are AB81 (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Reports/history.cfm?ID=187) and AB82 (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Reports/history.cfm?ID=188). These bills were introduced by the Secretary of State to “reduce corruption”. What they do instead is:
    Raise filing fees on all statewide offices. The filing fee for US Senator, for example, would increase from $500 to $3000. County office filing fees would increase from $100 to $300.
    Increases candidate financial reporting frequency, increases the fines for failure to report, and changes the deadlines.
    Subjects committees to the same filing requirements as candidates. This could potentially include us.
    Forbids recounting of electronic votes. If someone demands a recount in a precinct that uses a “mechanical” voting device, they will only be able to demand a recount of absentee mail votes.
    Forces employers to provide time off to employees so they can vote in partisan primaries.
    Allows candidates to use campaign funds for legal challenges. Presently, candidates are required to raise a “legal defense fund”, which people may voluntarily contribute to.
    Require the Secretary of State to be notified before all “voter registration drives”, and requires all who run a “voter registration drive” to receive SoS-approved training beforehand. What would constitute a “voter registration drive”? Anything that involves distributing and collecting voter registration forms. I hope none of you have ever had the temerity to hand out a voter registration form at a convention or Sam Adams Night.
    Requires campaign finance forms to be filed electronically through the Secretary of State; this would forbid candidates from mailing the forms to their county clerk.
    Changes the law to allow unspent campaign funds to be donated to a government agency of the candidate’s choice. Current law only allows campaign funds to be donated to non-profit agencies, political parties, returned to donors, or to be kept for future campaigns by the candidate…
    And plenty more. The good news is all of us may give our opinions to the Legislature regarding these and other objectionable bills here:

    There are also some good bills floating through the Legislature. AB438 (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Reports/history.cfm?ID=892) and AB235 (http://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/Reports/history.cfm?ID=526) both address the fact that, according to Nevada law, people are allowed to receive medicinal marijuana but may not, in fact, buy it. This has led to darkly hilarious and legally ambiguous situations like medicinal marijuana dispensaries charging ridiculous prices for, say, a cup of coffee, then throwing in “free” medicinal marijuana if you have a card for it. As those of you in Las Vegas are already undoubtedly aware, local law enforcement has more than enough leeway under present law to effectively criminalize the distribution of medicinal marijuana, thus rendering the will of the people void.

    There are other bills floating through the Legislature that we can also get behind. Examples include…
    SB177: Returns the right to ride a motorcycle without wearing a helmet to the citizens of Nevada. (https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/reports/history.cfm?ID=427)
    SB175: Provides that the identity and any information acquired during the investigation of a holder of a concealed firearms permit are confidential, as are any records regarding the suspension, restoration or revocation of such a permit. (https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/reports/history.cfm?ID=425)
    SB176: Removes the need for a concealed carry permit in the first place by allowing anyone to carry firearms in a concealed manner. (https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/reports/history.cfm?ID=426)
    SB41: Eliminates mandatory collective bargaining for local government workers. This will help Nevada avoid the issues that Wisconsin faced recently. (https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/76th2011/reports/history.cfm?ID=84)
    Among several others. Again, if you wish to speak in favor (or against) a bill in the Legislature, click on the following link and chime in:

    Back to the efforts of the NVCLP, fundraising hasn’t been our primary focus over the past couple of months – our current focus is on creating a consistent presence in all three of our constituent counties, and, until we achieve that, this is where our focus will remain. That’s not to say that we’ve completely abandoned the concept, however. Fundraising has and will continue to remain an important agenda item in our meetings, and, as opportunities present themselves, we will carry out action in that direction. One opportunity that we were hoping to leverage was the California LP convention in Stateline this April; sadly, California has a full slate all three days of their convention and they politely requested that we don’t host competing events. Since it’s their convention, we will honor that request. We have already had some individuals in the NVCLP register for the Saturday night banquet on April 9th; if you haven’t registered to attend it yet and you plan on attending the convention, I strongly encourage you to do so. Please note that, with the possible exception of FreedomFest, the CALP convention will be the largest Libertarian event in the state of Nevada this year. In the spirit of fundraising, I would like to remind the Executive Committee that the NVCLP remains the only affiliate in the State of Nevada to charge substantial dues and require a Sustaining or Basic membership in the national Libertarian Party. I will also note that we have committed to ourselves to hold three fundraising events this year, so, if we are going to accomplish this, we will need to start soon.

    Outside of the NVCLP, Debra Dedmon has convinced me that Reid’s statements on prostitution might be useful leverage to help us incorporate in some of the rural counties, especially in brothel-heavy counties like Storey County. Consequently, I aim to put this issue to work for us at some point in the near future. Needless to say, I look forward to seeing how Nye County’s event at Sheri’s goes this coming Monday.

    I know this is a long report, but it’s been a long time since we held an Executive Committee meeting. Let’s do this more often!

    In Liberty,
    David Colborne

  26. paulie Post author

    paulie, can I get an edit there?

    Deb’s identity is not a secret, but the only way you can edit is if I sign you up to post articles for IPR. Which I can do, but only today and possibly tomorrow, I’m heading up to work in Arkansas this weekend and don’t know if I’ll have access to internet at all there, or if I do how much. Even if I have access I need to spend as much time as I can out working, so I will probably not be at IPR much if at all.

  27. LibertarianGirl


    Hello all , its no secret Im disappointed in your decision to deny voting rights to 3 people that have followed the protocol we set forth to obtain it.
    I feel , however , I may not be being totally fair in my assessment , or perhaps I missed something. So….

    Could any or all of the members voting to deny – Kris , Irv , Bill and ? ) please offer a reason to the group and also the people denied? I think it’s only fair that people , who believe they’ve done everything correctly , at the very least , be given an explanation.

    Also , what can the potential voting members do to rectify this and be approved at the next business meeting?

    I’m hoping that I was wrong to jump to the conclusion that the denials we’re entirely factionally/politically motivated ( which is not fair/libertarian or professional) and that there was some other reason for which I have not been informed .

    I have been a voting member of the CCLP excom for over a decade. I have voted to allow voting rights to both people I didnt like and people I knew disagreed with me on certain things. Why? Because it’s not my job as an excom/voting member to judge people on personality or factional/friendship differences or because thats what everyone else said to do. I always looked at the rules , and if the people met the requirements then thats all that is needed.

    Please dont set a protocol otherwise. We dont deny delegates at convention based on ridiculous criteria and the CCLP should not either.Wanting to keep a tight reign of control and prohibit potentially opposing votes is NOT A GOOD ENUF REASON TO KEEP PEOPLE OUT IMO.


    thank you and I look forward to hearing further explanations and a plan for seeking members to follow for approval

    Debra Dedmon

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