Michael Munger Appears In “Fight of the Century” Between Hayek and Keynes

Watch the following video:

Hayek and Keynes, Round 2

Does the security guard near the beginning look familiar? If you wait for the end, you will discover that he is Michael Munger, the 2008 Libertarian nominee for Governor of North Carolina. He received 2.87% of the vote in that campaign and ensured the party maintained ballot access for the next cycle, avoiding North Carolina’s infamously expensive petition drive. You can also read this  interesting article featuring the Duke professor on price gouging laws in North Carolina.

Back in 2008 Reason editor Nick Gillespie predicted Munger would make a presidential bid in 2012. He has also stated in the past that he may run for Governor again in 2012.

3 thoughts on “Michael Munger Appears In “Fight of the Century” Between Hayek and Keynes

  1. Franz Ferdinand

    The fix is in! The ref is crooked! He’s looking the wrong way, arguing with Wayne Alan Root! He doesn’t see that Haystack Hayek pulled a hammer from the turnbuckle!

  2. Robert Capozzi

    Anyone know of an update on whether Munger is considering a 2012 run? On its face, sounds like a great idea.

  3. Starchild

    I saw his name in the credits and was wondering whether that was “our” Michael Munger.

    I’m blown away by this video! Round 1 was fun and original, but this Round 2 video improves on the first one in virtually every respect! Musically (very catchy, could conceivably make it as a pop
    hit if the lyrics were less wordy and intellectual!), production-wise (first-class production values all the way, including lovely details like Hayek getting hassled by security with shades of TSA glove-groping, and an obvious Ben Bernanke stand-in sitting in the audience with his cronies and shuffling money around while nodding in approval of Keynes), and message-wise (Hayek’s character comes across more favorably here as the underdog with the correct message than he did in the original Keynes vs. Hayek video)! It’s the rare non-commercial, pro-freedom music video that I can enjoy watching and listening to repeatedly. Mad props to creators John Papola and Russ Roberts!

    Coincidentally, I was just listening (while driving from San Francisco to Reno to see Ron Paul!) to an informative audio recording of a speech by Lew Rockwell contrasting the lives and philosophies of John Maynard Keynes and, not Hayek, but another prominent free market
    economist of? the 20th century, Henry Hazlitt. In contrast with the humble background and sincerity of Hazlitt, Rockwell exposes Keynes as
    an arrogant elitist lacking in basic intellectual integrity, which isn’t *quite* as evident in the video, extremely entertaining and somewhat informative though it is. It’s an excellent place to send people who’ve checked out the video and are curious to learn more:

    http://mises.org/media/5728 (or http://mises.org/daily/5001/Hazlitt-and-Keynes-Opposite-Callings
    for the text of the talk).

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