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West Virginia Mountain Party Nominates Bob Henry Baber For Governor

From the Charleston Daily Mail:

The Mountain Party has tapped former Richwood Mayor Bob Henry Baber to be its nominee in the Oct. 4 special gubernatorial election.

The party unanimously nominated Baber, 60, following a convention Sunday in Sutton. Former Mountain Party gubernatorial candidate Jesse Johnson was also a potential nominee in the convention, but he withdrew his name from consideration to allow for a unanimous vote for Baber.

Baber was the first Mountain Party member ever elected to public office when he won the 2004 Richwood mayoral election. He had lost out to Johnson for the party’s gubernatorial nomination earlier that year.

The likely Democratic nominee is acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin, who is considered a conservative in the mold of Senator Joe Manchin. This could create a space for the Mountain Party to exploit by running to the left of both candidates, although the vote ceiling is quite low for a statewide third party green candidate in culturally conservative West Virginia.

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  1. Chadwick Chadwick May 26, 2011

    Bob Henry Baber’s view towards Christians and West Virginians. This is the “poetry” that this “artist” profits from. Are you a Christian? Are you a West Virginian? If so, this poem is about you!

    Born Again
    by Bob Henry Baber

    You know somethin?
    I’m plumb wore out with being a heathern.
    I’m gonna get Saved
    so’s I can talk dirty
    fool with married women
    drink till I’m dog faced drunk
    abuse drugs and children
    fornicate with boys
    and not feel guilty
    about any of it
    knowing that I’ve been baptized
    in the Pure Love of the Lord
    and can ask for E-ternal forgiveness
    any ole time
    and make one helluva comeback.

  2. Christina Christina May 11, 2011

    I am not sure what the “Mountain Party” is thinking. Bob Henry Baber was impeached as Mayor of Richwood, is a known drug user, was charged for misappropriation of city funds and theft, was investigated for child abuse, had financial ties to strip clubs in Ohio, sold the majority of his land for “mountain top removal” for profit, has stated many times that he has no actual interest in being Governor but this publicity will help sell his books and writings and recently was covered by media for being intimately involved with his son’s girlfriend; Sarah Rutherford, who is a School Teacher that was arrested herself in March for having sex with her students.

    Has anybody in the Mountain Party bothered to do background work with his former employers, schools, family, friends, news papers, WV DCS, WV DEA?

    Or even bothered to “Google” (Bob Baber & Sarah Rutherford)?

    If you want dishonesty, immoral and hypocrisy, vote for Bob Henry Baber.

    I am all for third parties and having an alternative political choice than just the “norm”. But endorsing hypocritical jokes as Bob Henry Baber is why the “Mountain Party” and other third parties will never have any credibility and will always be overlooked and ignored.

  3. The Green Party affiliate in West Virginia, the Mountain Party, has had conservatives within the party since their founding.

    Party founder Jesse Johnson often makes the point that this Green Party affiliate includes Independents, Greens, Libertarians, Constitution.

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