Georgia Constitution Party to Participate in Monticello (GA) Tea Party Rally

From an e-mail from Ricardo Davis, Chairman of the Constitution Party of Georgia:

Friends in the Cause of Liberty,

Today there will be a Multi-County Tea Party Rally this afternoon in Monticello (see below). Yesterday morning I was contacted about the possibility of the Constitution Party being represented at the event, and through the help of supporters this was confirmed late yesterday. Constitution Party of Lamar County coordinator Bob Heiney will be speaking on behalf of the party and principles we uphold. This opportunity wouldn’t be possible if not for the leadership of Bob and the party members there in Lamar County who are actively working to advance the message of the Constitution Party. I covet your prayers for Bob and the team that will be at the rally that they communicate the need for and principles of the Constitution Party of Georgia with winsomeness and courage and that many would take an interest in the party as a result.

If you live in or near Jasper County then come out and enjoy a nice Saturday with fellow patriots and support Bob and the team of volunteers that will be helping. If you have any questions contact Bob at (770) 358-4777.

-Ricardo Davis
State Chairman

WHAT: Tea Party Rally is coming to Jasper County, Monticello, GA. Recreation Dept., 246 Ted Sauls Drive
WHEN: June 18, 2011 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
WHY: Educational purposes, Reaching out to people and preparing for the coming elections.
WHO: Jasper County Tea Party Patriots
Coordinators; Skip and Cheryl Nowetner //
Jasper County G.O.P. Chairwoman Karan Bumann
Tea Party Patriot Mary Alice Carter
Assisting are the Newton County Tea Party and the Patriots Table.

10 thoughts on “Georgia Constitution Party to Participate in Monticello (GA) Tea Party Rally

  1. NewFederalist

    “Doesn’t the US Parliament stuff belong on a separate thread?”

    Apparently not. If paulie doesn’t enforce the rules nobody does.

  2. Red Phillips

    “Apparently not. If paulie doesn’t enforce the rules nobody does.”

    Ok then. FSQ, please only post your parliament stuff in the designated parliament thread.

  3. Kleptocracy and You

    The GA CP needs Ballot Access. Mr. Davis seems to be attempting to “stir” some interest. I wonder if he plans an attempt to get their POTUS on the GA Ballot in ’12?

    GA has moved into the top ten in EC Votes for 2012-2020 with 16. They are ahead of NJ, MA, WA, NC, VA and tied with MI. They only trail CA-55, TX-38, FL-29, NY-29, IL-20, PA-20, & OH-18. GA Ballot Access is BIG TIME for any third Party now !

    Where do you fit on the political test?:

  4. NewFederalist

    Thanks Red for moving all the US Parliament stuff. It does get annoying after a while to keep having to see all that nonsense.

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