Americans Elect coverage at Ballot Access News, Irregular Times and

Since my last update:

Latest updates on Americans Elect

At Ballot Access News:

Portland, Oregon TV Station News Clip About Americans Elect

Editorial Page Editor of Tallahassee Democrat Newspaper on Americans Elect

Stanley Greenberg on Independent Voters and on Chances of a Strong Third Force in 2012 Presidential Race

Dan Morain Article on Americans Elect Carries More Detail than Most Such Articles

Fox News Airs Five-Minute Interview with Elliot Ackerman, Spokesman for Americans Elect

At Irregular Times:

Chairs of Americans Elect Rules Committee: A Coal/Casino GOP Lobbyist and a Lieberman Democrat

Americans Elect Spins Clear Trends on Economy and the Budget into Third Way Centrism

Americans Elect Corporation names itself a Grassroots Movement, embraces “Moderate” Ideological Label

Americans Elect Picks Core Questions for 2012 without Member Input

Asked Point Blank, Americans Elect Refuses to Disclose $$$ from Billionaire Peter Ackerman

Ron Paul fans and GOPsters Flood Americans Elect Facebook Page

Our Oregon Sums Up Current Knowledge on Americans Elect

Democracy21 asks IRS to Investigate Americans Elect for Corporate Code Violations

At ThirdPartyPolitics.US:

Latest Americans Elect News

Americans Elect: Are the Presidential Debates Answering Your Questions?

Americans Elect: Press Release: While Republicans Offer More of the Same, Americans Elect Delegates Are Shaping the Debate for the Nation

Americans Elect: Strengthen Your Voice by Spreading the Word About Americans Elect

Americans Elect: AE Delegates See Third Way on Budget Deficit

Press Release: Americans Elect Launches Nationwide Grassroots Network Project 500

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