Carl Person: Occupy Wall Street and 99% need the Libertarian Party


How 99% of the Voters Were Delivered by the R/D’s to the Libertarian Party

(by Carl Person, Candidate for Libertarian Party Nomination for President)


New York, NY, October 16, 2011. Carl Person, Candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for
President, made the following statement today concerning Occupy Wall Street (“OWS”) and the 99%:

OWS/99% Have Legitimate Grievances. They include college graduates who can’t get a decent job, or
any job at all. Also, they include college graduates who owe $10,000 to $200,000 who are unable to earn
enough to pay their student loans, and face a lifetime of economic slavery as a result. They include students
who worked hard in college but left with no marketable skill, because of the market emphasis upon technical
skills and the colleges continuing to teach traditional college courses such as government, history, biology
and philosophy. There are also the breadwinners who without a college education were able to earn a good
living but are now unemployed or reduced to minimum wage employment. There are the disadvantaged
youth who never had a permanent job and little hope of obtaining one. There are other unemployed and
underemployed, including many returning veterans, as well as 20,000,000 self-employed persons who are
working harder than they should and for less return, because of the excessive amount of governmental
regulation which makes it difficult for small businesses to compete. Then, we can’t forget the homeowners
losing their homes, which is another part of the 99%.

Libertarian Party to the Rescue – Or Is It the Other Way Around? I live and work several miles
from Zuccotti Park. I have gone down to see for myself what is taking place, and am in touch with OWS/
99% activists. Most of their complaints are addressed in Libertarian Party principles in general and by my
campaign in particular, through these issues in my campaign:

Enforce liberty and Constitutional rights for individuals;
Legalize drugs, prostitution, sexual preferences;
Obtain immediate release of all persons convicted of non-violent drug-related offenses;
Terminate the U.S. Office of Education and its student loan program designed to support over-
priced schools;
End the slave economy resulting from excessive, non-productive student loans;
End crony capitalism, the Federal Reserve and too big to fail;


Create millions of new jobs immediately through having the IRS change its definition
of “independent contractor” to include the first 3 employees of any business (I call my idea “The 1st 3 Are
End all wars (including the wars on poverty, drugs), close all foreign bases, and bring the
troops home;
Reform higher education so that colleges, universities and post-secondary vocational schools
provide marketable skills to students at an affordable price;
Eliminate all unnecessary and anti-competitive governmental regulation;
Ensure the freedom and right of all citizens to bear arms (non-military grade) for self
Eliminate state licensing of post-secondary vocational schools to enable them to form and
offer the type of technical training needed in today’s market to obtain employment in a small business
(which is where the growth of jobs occurs); and
Create privately-owned banks to function as state banks at all levels of state government, to
provide loans to worthy businesses (including farming, manufacturing, greens and other sustainable
economy businesses) at reasonable, non-usurious rates of interest, which will create more jobs for OWS/99%.

No other party offers anything close to this much support to the issues being raised by the OWS/99%.
It seems obvious that OWS/99% should turn to the Libertarian Party, but it is also even more obvious that in
light of the major media breakthrough of OWS/99%, the Libertarian Party should seek to align itself with the
OWS/99%, especially through my nomination as LP Presidential Candidate. I’m the only LP candidate with
the issues supporting OWS/99%.

What the Libertarian Party Would Receive. If the LP could make a sustained effort to bring in the OWS/
99% members from the cold, so to speak, we could fill thousands of candidate vacancies in state and local
elections throughout the 50 states. We would have an infusion of energetic activists with time on their hands
much more willing than most persons to gather petitions, do telephone work, find additional candidates, get
new members, and spread Libertarian values. The governing policies of the Republicans and Democrats
have removed OWS/99% from the two major parties, and are driving them into the LP, if we are ready to
recognize this and receive them. Most importantly, we would be joining with a group that is able to get
major media attention, and we could consider OWS/99% our own Tea Party, but with a far stronger affinity
between LP and OWS/99% than exists between the Republican Party and the Tea Party.

What the OWS/99% Would Receive. OWS/99% would have an immediate, organized political outlet for
its group, which does not have the time or inclination to form 50 state political parties for the 2012 elections.
We are ready made to give them an immediate political outlet for their grievances, which to a great extent
are LP issues, especially the issues of Liberty, Deregulation, Education Reform, Government Student Loans,
Job Creation and Decriminalization of Victimless Crimes and Releasing the Non-Violent Offenders. The LP
would be far more effective with its issues in the 2012 election campaign, and force one or both of the two
main parties to adopt some of our issues in order to avoid losing votes and the national election.

Carl E. Person
Libertarian Party, Candidate for Presidential Nomination 2012

6 thoughts on “Carl Person: Occupy Wall Street and 99% need the Libertarian Party

  1. Alaska Constitution Party

    True Justice & Freedom will only come through a restoration of the Constitution. Occupy the Constitution!

  2. Don Lake, leaving a paper trail

    Other factors in our decline are the Fed’s monetary policies, artificially low interest rates and government intervention through stimulus. These lead to mal-investment, the force behind boom and bust cycles.

    The solutions are recognizing that collectivist central planning by governments — whether Democrat- or Republican-led — always fails.

    Only by supporting free market principles, replacing coercive taxes with voluntary taxes, and ending special privileges to those who fund political campaigns as well as our inflationary and interventionist policies, will we find economic and personal liberty.

    Stephen Grider
    Smithville, Missouri
    The Kansas City Star

    Posted by Letters Editor at Oct 19, 2011 11:02:42 PM | Permalink

    Read more:

  3. Bryan

    The tea party is much more representative of the LP than the 99ers.

    After the tea party began (soon after) it was co-opted by the republicans because most tea party ppl were right leaning.

    After reading the “manifesto” of the 99ers, I would have to believe that the democrats are in the best position to “cash in”.

    Two sad statements. The tea party ppl could have made a difference in the LP…the 99ers could make a difference in the GP…and I can just about guarantee..the “big two” will get the benefits of both of these movements

  4. Hugh Mann

    After reading the “manifesto” of the 99ers, I

    Which manifesto is that? There is no official single manifesto. If you look for big government leftist laundry lists and loud mouthed commies — just like the reactionary corporatist press is doing — yes, you will find them at Occupy. And if you look for libertarians, libertarians who don’t know it yet, and those who could easily become libertarians if libertarians approached them in a friendly way trying to find common ground, you will find them too.

    So the question is, what are you looking for?

    I would have to believe that the democrats are in the best position to “cash in”.

    Maybe, maybe not.

    The die is pretty much cast with the TP.

    With Occupy, the situation is still fluid, and while Democrats and Marxists are making their power plays, there is a lot of resistance from organizers and participants who are leery of those both organizationally and ideologically.

    The tea party ppl could have made a difference in the LP…the 99ers could make a difference in the GP…

    You are looking at it from a perspective where LP is rightist and GP is leftist and OWS is leftist?

    LP should be balanced and represent BOTH at TP and OWS.

    OWS could still be balanced if LP and TP came to represent at Occupy rather than listening to stilted media reports.

    For that matter, *some* tea parties could still be taken in a positive direction if LP, Green Tea and 99ers showed up.

    and I can just about guarantee..the “big two” will get the benefits of both of these movements

    TP for sure. OWS/99ers — only if we let them.

    Cross-fertilize TP and Occupy for best results.

    Many Ron Paul people get this, as for LP (…headslap….)

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