CP-Pres: Ex-Rep. Virgil Goode “sounded like a candidate,” says he’ll decide “by January or February”

Virgil Goode, who served as Virginia’s 5th District Congressman from 1997-2009, gave a speech at the Lancaster County Constitution Party’s quarterly breakfast meeting. According to Jane Holahan of the Lancaster Intelligencer Journal, Goode “sounded like a candidate” for the CP’s presidential nomination. Here’s part of Holahan’s story, describing Goode’s performance:

Goode…sounded like a candidate as he talked about the issues that will be front and center in the 2012 election: debt, immigration, trade, taxes, term limits and cutting the size of government. …

“The Constitution Party is not afraid to make the tough choices,” he told the approximately 30 people attending the meeting at the Hershey Farm Restaurant near Strasburg. …

Will he [run for President]?

“I’ll let people know next year, by January or February,” he said. “We’ve got sure disaster with Obama, and it’s only prolonged a little with the Republicans. But tough choices have to be made. The Constitution Party offers the best choice out there.”

Read the original article for more details on Goode’s potential campaign platform.

Goode began his career as a Democrat. In 2000, he became an Independent who caucused with Republicans. In 2002, Goode officially switched to the Republican Party. Since November 2010, he has been a member of the CP’s executive committee.

To date, the only announced candidates for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination are Betsy Pauline Elgar, Todd Marvin Clayton Jr., JL Mealer, and Bill Tucker. None has held elective office. One potential CP candidate with elective experience, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, is expected to announce on Tuesday that he will instead be running for his old job as a Republican.

9 thoughts on “CP-Pres: Ex-Rep. Virgil Goode “sounded like a candidate,” says he’ll decide “by January or February”

  1. Jeremy C. Young Post author

    If I had to guess — and this is just a guess, as I don’t know much about the CP — I would guess that Darrell Castle is the CP’s fallback candidate if Goode doesn’t make the race.

  2. Jose C

    Virgil Goode should run and if the Republican Party establishment gets their way and Mitt Romney is the nominee he can have an Ed Clark type successful campaign.

    I am assuming he is a good speaker, campaigner, etc.

  3. Jeremy C. Young

    What’s weird is that Goode hasn’t really changed his political views much since the early 1990s — he’s just moved through different parties while espousing them. He did support Doug Wilder in 1988, so there’s that.

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