Party for Socialism and Liberation chooses Presidential ticket

The Party for Socialism and Liberation, a revolutionary Marxist-Leninist party, has selected its 2012 Presidential ticket. The PSL has nominated two candidates who are not Constitutionally eligible to serve: 27-year-old Peta Lindsay, a member of the PSL’s Central Committee, and 26-year-old Yari Osorio, a Colombian immigrant who has been a member of the party since 2006.

In past elections, the Socialist Workers Party has employed the strategy of nominating Constitutionally-ineligible candidates as a way of drawing attention to what the SWP considers unjust eligibility requirements. However, the strategy comes with some negative electoral consequences. Some states do not grant ballot access to ineligible candidates, so the SWP has had to nominate an alternate slate of placeholder candidates to place on those states’ ballots. The result is that the SWP tally appears smaller when major news organizations list Presidential tallies.

The PSL was founded in 2006 by discontented members of the Workers World Party. Its first Presidential candidate was longtime Marxist and third-party activist Gloria La Riva, who was on the ballot in twelve states, more than any other Marxist or Socialist party managed. The PSL website contains a wealth of information on the new Presidential ticket, including statements by Lindsay and Osorio and video clips of their acceptance speeches. Lindsay’s statement denounces the American electoral system as “fundamentally a fraudulent exercise…a form by which the ruling class maintains class rule.” Nevertheless, the candidates’ promises that “we will get into the debates.” Historically, the Commission on Presidential Debates has never admitted candidates who were Constitutionally ineligible to serve.

The PSL is the third United States political party to designate its Presidential ticket for 2012. The first two were the Prohibition Party (Lowell “Jack” Fellure) and the Socialist Party USA (Stewart Alexander).

4 thoughts on “Party for Socialism and Liberation chooses Presidential ticket

  1. Jeremy C. Young Post author

    Three personal notes that didn’t make it into the “news” post:

    1) This is the first time an American political party has nominated a Presidential ticket younger than I am. Eek.

    2) I’m sad to see the PSL pursue a tactic which has failed for the SWP in the past. I wish they would run Gloria La Riva again instead.

    3) Take note, LP and GP presidential candidates (except for RJ Harris): when your website is of poorer quality than the Party for Socialism and Liberation’s, you need a better website.

  2. Jeremy C. Young Post author

    Interesting question. In 2008, the PSL was part of the PFP organizing committee. They tried to get the PFP to nominate Gloria La Riva, but she came in second in a four-way race (Nader first, La Riva second, Brian Moore third, McKinney last because she already had another ballot line). I would imagine that they would try to do the same this year, but that it would be more difficult for them because their candidates aren’t actually eligible.

    If I had to guess, I’d say that the PFP nomination battle will be between Jill Stein (GP) and Stewart Alexander of the SPUSA, who has close ties with the PFP and has run on their ticket before. Who gets the ballot line will depend on whether the GP still has its own ballot line, as the PFP has shown a desire to help spread out ballot access.

  3. James Clifton

    LaRiva’s been around a long, long time. She must be getting tired. I thought for sure she’d be the nominee again.

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