Laurie Roth Makes Independent Run for President, Says AIP Will Put Her On the Ballot

Laurie Roth is a nationally syndicated radio talk show host based out of Washington. Roth’s talk show is reflective of her own conservative beliefs. Ms. Roth has, in the past, been active at the local level in the GOP, but has now announced a run for President in which she will seek the ballot-lines of Independent parties in various states.

A few weeks ago, I declared my intention to run for the office of the President of the United States. I sent out press releases. Some of you saw the headline article posted by and other sites. I knew I was starting as a total outsider, non-lawyer, non-politician and non-millionaire. However, I knew I was a patriot, a visionary, a veteran talk show host who had always represented the cutting edge issues of the American people, and most importantly I was called to do this by God. Some of you immediately think “religious kook” or “fringe” at the notion of me even saying that.

The truth is, I have never fantasized or imagined being President of the United States. This hasn’t been a career move or positioning for my ego. Instead, God asked me to run — a commoner, a survivor, a mom, and a patriot with REAL ideas of service for a time such as this. I said yes, knowing how it would sound. He has asked me to simply trust Him through the long process, running as an Independent conservative, not a Republican or Democrat.

Ms. Roth goes on to say that she has already received a guarantee from the American Independent Party of California, formerly the state affiliate of the national Constitution Party. Her campaign website can be found here.

5 thoughts on “Laurie Roth Makes Independent Run for President, Says AIP Will Put Her On the Ballot

  1. Kleptocracy And You

    Otay Buckwheat here goes. When a human in the 21st century talks to God it is called prayer. When God “speaks” to a human it is called INSANITY !!!

    Why would anyone in CA give a penny of support to the AIP of CA when they must have persons of leadership GIVING their ballot line away behind closed doors or smoked filled rooms or whatever without a convention vote !? Sounds a little dishonest to me.

    Carpe Diem for LIBERTY

  2. Trent Hill Post author

    To be fair–I think Ms. Roth probably misunderstood. She was probably assured she’d be placed on the primary ballot, which is non-binding anyway.

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